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We've reconstructed the original popular design as closely as possible, as shown at the left (click on the image for an enlargement). There are still a few LARGER ADULT shirts (both Tees and sweats) that are cream-colored (comparable to the background color on this web page) and available in L-XL-XXL sizes; a new order has gone in for shirts in a pale gray. Adult SMALL and MEDIUM T-shirts are a pale tan; adult SMALL and MEDIUM SWEATSHIRTS are a very pale gray ("ash"). ALL children's Tees (S-M-L) are pale tan, and all children's sweatshirts are ash gray.
T-shirts are heavyweight 100% cotton; sweatshirts are 80% cotton, 20% polyester. The wings of the bumblebee and dragonfly are also colorless in the new printing - which applies to the S & M adult sizes and all the children's shirts.
Adult T-shirts are $16 each ($22 for XXL), sweatshirts are $22 ($25 for XXL), while children's T-shirts are $15 each, and children's sweatshirts are $20 - if you pick them up. MAILING costs are extra, if you want them mailed to you; see the order form for costs for mailed shirts.
Click here to download an order form for T-shirts and/or membership renewal (pdf format). Shirts are available now!
We ALSO have a very limited number of M. E. S. Baseball Caps, in pale olive green with the M.E.S. logo on the front. Caps are fully adjustable and are $15 each; contact Dana Michaud if you want one!

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[ Currently up: 2007 through 2017; we're working to get older issues on-line as well. ]

The Maine Entomological Society was established by a group of insect and arachnid enthusiasts in 1997, and now has a total membership of approximately 120 individuals and groups. The Maine Entomologist, our quarterly newsletter, usually consists of 6-8 pages of Society news and entomological information. The annual meeting is held each fall, and we usually have a mid-winter workshop. The Society regularly co-sponsors an annual Entomological Bio-Blitz at the Schoodic Education and Research Center at Acadia National Park each summer, in collaboration with the National Park Service. Additional get-togethers and collecting trips are scheduled monthly when possible during the late spring, summer, and early fall. All these are announced in advance both here and in the newsletter.
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A caterpillar of the Virginia Ctenucha,
Ctenucha virginica.
Charlene Donahue photo

A wasp-mimicking longhorn beetle,
Clytus ruricola.
Larvae feed in rotting hardwoods, particularly maple. (adult length: 10-15 mm)
Charlene Donahue photo
The red-shouldered pine borer,
Stictoleptura canadensis,
is one of our more common colorful longhorn beetles. (length: 12-16 mm)
(Brandon Woo photo)
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MES members, young and old,
gather around during a
collecting trip in the
2000 season in coastal Maine.
Photo by Laura Lubelczyk.
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Membership in the Maine Entomological Society is open to anyone, whether or not a Maine resident, who has interest in the insects or terrestrial arthropods of Maine. Persons desiring to become members should contact the Treasurer, Mr. Dana Michaud, whose mailing address appears in the table of officers below. [Click here to download an MES application (as a pdf document - Adobe Acrobat Reader may be downloaded, if necessary, through a link below).] Dues are $15 per year, and may be paid up to two years in advance; lifetime membership is available @ $200. Dues entitle members to receive the newsletter and participate in all Society functions. Checks should be made payable to "The Maine Entomological Society" and mailed to the Treasurer. Due to increasing costs of printing and mailing the Newsletters, members in arrears for dues will be dropped from the membership list.
The Constitution and Bylaws pages (links below) are formatted in HTML, but may be downloaded in Microsoft Word from the respective pages if one desires a hard copy.
We hope to have links to a whole host of entomological sites coming along, and hope to contribute meaningfully to the knowledge of insects and terrestrial arthropods as well, while having a lot of fun doing it. Meanwhile, we invite anyone and everyone to explore freely, and watch us grow! Our logo, featuring the wasp Dipogon sayi Banks, was designed by Monica Russo, Hymenopterist, artist and author extraordinaire, one of the founding members of the Society.


Plans are coming together now for a number of MES events and collecting trips throughout the coming year. Additional information on the field days, and any new collecting trips or events, will be posted both here and in the newsletter as soon as we know about them!

Saturday, January 12th: Winter Workshop: Introduction to Identifying Insects to Family - Maine Forest Service Southern Regional Headquarters off Route 3, Augusta (Kennebec County), from 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Join us for the kickoff of the 2019 entomological season at our annual Winter Workshop, on Saturday, January 12, 2019, from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. at the Maine Forest Service Southern Regional Headquarters, off Route 3 in Augusta.
Dr. Don Chandler from the University of New Hampshire will be leading the workshop. Don is a superb teacher and has spent a lifetime collecting and identifying insects. He will give an overview of insect identification and where to find keys and aids. Handouts of pictorial keys to Maine families generated for previous winter workshops will be available (2007, Diptera; 2008, Hemiptera; 2009, Hymenoptera; 2009, small orders; 2013, Coleoptera [from 2nd time!]). Bring your own specimens to identify, or you can work with material from the Maine State Museum collection.
This workshop is for all levels of expertise. Come if you are new to insect identification and learn the basics. If you are more advanced, this is a chance to ask an expert your questions and help advance your skills. Plus, you can assist others or collaborate with other MES members. This will also give people exposure to some of the insect groups that need work at the Maine State Museum (MSM).
There is a $20 fee to cover expenses, and pre-registration is required by January 4th. Please bring your $20 with you to the workshop, so we do not have to deal with reimbursing money if it cancelled. There is a limit of 30 people, and we usually fill these workshops to capacity so sign up early. Please bring a bag lunch; coffee and tea will be provided. There are dissecting microscopes available but if you can bring one, please do so.
CONTACT ANNA COURT to pre-register for the event (via e-mail at annaleecourt@yahoo.com or by phone at 207-474-8691). If you pre-register and can't attend, please let Anna know ASAP so anyone on a waiting list can be made happy.
Directions: From north or south on Interstate 95: take exit 113 and merge onto Route 3, heading eastwards toward Augusta/Belfast. Cross the Kennebec River and keep going straight on Route 3. At 5.9 miles from the Interstate, you'll go up a hill; turn right at the top of the rise (at the Maine Forest Service Southern Regional Headquarters sign) onto Conservation Drive.
Either 14 Conservation Dr. or 2870 North Belfast Ave., Augusta, might work in your GPS unit; the facility is located at the TOP of the hill.

Saturday, February 9th: Making Glass Insects, at Jim Nutting's studio in Lisbon Falls (Androscoggin County), from 1:00-3:30 p.m. Cost for the workshop will be $45 per person; coordinators for this special event are Kathy Claerr (kclaerr1@comcast.net) and Liz Mazurkiewicz (lmcreation12@hotmail.com).

March 23rd: Field Day: Whitefield (Lincoln County).
Join us from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at 460 Mills Road, Whitefield (in Lincoln County). Visit a backyard sugar operation, enjoy the company and collect a bug or two or maybe more. Also scheduled is an update on Karla Boyd's research on parasitoids as a means of control for the browntail moth.
Maple syrup buckets often contain a fascinating assemblage of insects, plus there are insects on tree boles, in the woodpile and tucked in other nooks and crannies this time of year. There is a seep open all winter down near the river and wetlands across the road. One beehive has made it through the winter so far, and if it's warm enough we'll take a peek to see if they need to be fed.
Dress for the weather and be sure to wear boots; bring snowshoes if conditions permit, as well as your lunch and drinks. Bring dip nets and pans for aquatics, as well as vials, etc. for terrestrial collecting. If the sap cooker is running, there are usually people hanging out, and it's a laid-back time (until a batch of syrup is ready to come off!).
There will be a meeting of the Executive Committee at 9:00 a.m. to discuss how we are doing on action items from the 2018 MES annual meeting; this meeting is open to all.
Contact Charlene Donahue if you're planning to attend: call 485-0960 or by e-mail at donahuecp15@gmail.com.
See you then - hopefully, there'll be lots of sap!!

Directions: Take Route 17 east out of Augusta. Go 12 miles, and then turn right onto Route 218 (Mills Road); Charlene's house is 0.8 mile down the road, on the right. It's a cream-colored cape, with a garage with rounded doors.

Street view of Charlene's driveway and garage, with Melyri, the wonder dog.

Saturday, May 4th: Field Day at Paupers' Field, Spurwink Road, Cape Elizabeth (Cumberland County). Coordinator: Peter Darling (petedarlingii@yahoo.com).
Join us on Saturday, May 4th, at Paupers' Field on Spurwink Road in Cape Elizabeth. We'll meet in the parking lot at 10:00 a.m. and then cross the road to go bugging in the big fields across the street. Bring lunch, drinks, collecting gear, your favorite anti-tick repellant, and appropriate clothing. It can be brisk if it's overcast and breezy.
There are several types of habitat to be sampled: salt marsh in the distance, a small cattail marsh, oak woods, a willow/alder section, some fruit trees and acres of grasses, red sorrel and nesting Bobolinks.
For those wishing to trek through the woods and in the low areas, it can be wet after rains but most areas are fine for lighter shoes. Tick collecting is good and greatly appreciated. There is a good 'house of pizza' near by, an Amato's for the Italian lovers and Asian and Mexican food, all within a 5-minute drive if you forget lunch. There should be "porta-potties" at the athletic fields.
DIRECTIONS: Using GPS, an address of 476 Spurwink Ave., Cape Elizabeth, should get you there. The entrance to the parking lot is at approximately 43 degrees, 35.08'N, 70 degrees 14.68'W, and is marked by a big sign for Gull Crest Fields, for the playing fields farther in. If you're coming south on Spurwink Avenue, it'll be the first left right after Dennison Road, which goes to the transfer station.
For more information, text or call Pete Darling at 207-899-7173, or email him at petedarlingii@yahoo.com.

Saturday, June 1st: Field day at the Hutchinson Pond Conservation Area in Manchester (Kennebec County); Coordinator: Dana Michaud (phone: 207-872-7683). We'll gather at 10:00 a.m. at the parking lot on Benson Road. NOTE that there are no restroom facilities on-site.
Join us on June 1st at the Hutchinson Pond Conservation Area in Manchester to explore this Kennebec Land Trust property and help to expand the KLT's knowledge of the insect fauna of this preserve. With 29 acres of wetlands and vernal pools, mixed woods, 2765 feet of stream frontage and 1600 feet of undeveloped shoreline on Hutchinson Pond, there's a lot to explore!
Bring your bug repellant, collecting gear, lunch, drinks, and anything else you may need for the day. The main trail from the parking lot to Hutchinson Pond is 1/2-mile long and is an easy walk. There are five vernal pools, three of which are considered of particular importance as they host breeding populations of wood frogs and spotted salamanders.
DIRECTIONS:Take the U.S. Route 202 exit from I-95 and go westwards, towards Manchester. You'll pass all the various car sales lots (Charlie's, etc.) and rise up a hill, then drop down into Manchester. At the 2nd light, turn left onto the Pond Road. Go 3.5 miles on this, and then turn left onto Collins Road. Take the first right onto Benson Road, and go ~0.9 miles. The parking lot will be on the left.
Dana Michaud (872-7683) is in charge of coordinating this field day. PLEASE let him know if you're planning to join us!

Saturday, June 29th: Field day in Waterford, Maine (Oxford County). Coordinator:Gail Everett (everett.gail@gmail.com).
Location: Gail Everett's property in Waterford, at 802 Sodom Road.
Habitats include the "tamed" area around the RV (lawn and small garden), weedy roadsides, swamp, a large field along the river, several woods roads/snowmobile trails, and the Portland Pipeline crossing with considerable wet-meadow habitat and a small pond. Note that this is a HIGH-TICK area and you should bring your favorite tick defense. I will have extra bug spray, but tall boots are a good idea.
DIRECTIONS: From the south, take exit 63 (Gray) off Maine Turnpike and go north on Route 26 to Norway, where routes 117/118 intersect. Bear left on 117/118 and drive through the town of Norway. Where the two routes divide at the lake, turn left onto 117. In 1/4 mile, turn right onto Sodom Road and drive about 3 miles to Crooked River bridge. At 0.2 mile past the bridge, look for a black mailbox on the right.
From the north or east, take exit 75 (Auburn) from the Maine Turnpike and turn LEFT at the end of the ramp, toward Auburn. In a mile or so, turn left onto Route 11, which will soon join Route 121. Follow 121 to its junction with Route 26 in Welchville, then turn right (north) onto Route 26. Continue to Norway and follow the directions for coming from the south.

Saturday, July 20th: Joint field day with the Vermont Entomological Society (V.E.S.) and Cambridge Entomological Society (C.E.S.) at the Shoals Marine Laboratory on Appledore Island, Isles of Shoals (York County).
Join us for a joint M.E.S. - Cambridge (MA) Entomological Society - Vermont Entomological Society field day on SATURDAY, JULY 20th on Appledore Island, on Isles of Shoals at the Shoals Marine Laboratory.
Space will be EXTREMELY LIMITED on this trip, with each Society being allotted just SEVEN slots. Participants will be asked to contribute $20 each towards the cost of running the marine taxi to the island and back to shore.
The boat will depart from the UNH pier in Newcastle, NH, at 9:45 a.m. on the morning of the 20th, and depart the island to return to shore at 4:00 p.m. Participants should arrive at the dock at least 30 minutes prior to the morning departure. Everyone should bring lunch, all collecting gear, insect and tick repellant, etc., plus suitable clothing for unexpectedly chilly weather (and perhaps even a thundershower). Specific information will be sent to all participants once the lists have been finalized, including instructions on how to get to the dock. There will also be waiver forms to sign prior to departure.
Overnight accommodation requests cannot be taken until late June, when the island staff will know how many students will be at the station for established summer courses. It is possible, but not guaranteed, that several such requests may be accommodated. If so, there will be a $96 per person charge to cover lodging, dinner on Saturday night, and brunch on Sunday morning. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
M.E.S. members desiring to participate should contact Charlene Donahue (via e-mail at donahuecp15@gmail.com or via phone at 207-485-0960) with a request to be placed on the list. Additional details will be posted as arrangements are finalized.

Saturday, August 3rd: Field Day at Bangor Land Trust Preserve (Penobscot County).
On Saturday, August 3rd, join us at Walden-Parke Preserve for a joint field day with Bangor Land Trust. We will meet at 10:00 a.m. at the reserve kiosk at the end of Tamarack Trail. Bangor Land Trust expects a large group from their members as past programs have been very popular; directions are below.
This 410-acre preserve, located on the north side of Bangor, is ecologically diverse. It includes conifer and hardwood forests in both early succession and mature phases, beaver wetlands, and wildflower meadows. Bangor Land Trust acquired the properties in 2005 and 2011 and has held many educational programs there. There are extensive marked trails on the preserve, but no facilities such as forest toilets.
Bangor Land Trust will allow insect collecting, so participants should bring collecting equipment as well as boots for walking in the marshes, sunscreen, and nets or spray for the sometimes troublesome mosquitoes. There are ticks in the area as well. Participants should also bring lunch. There are no restaurants in the area.
Directions: To get there, take the Broadway exit (#185) from I-95. If coming from the south, turn left and go towards Bangor. At the first light, turn left onto Stillwater Avenue. Turn left at the next light onto Essex Street. Travel 4 miles north on Essex. After passing Church Road on the left, turn right onto Walden Parke Way. There is a green and white Bangor Land Trust sign at that intersection. There is also an entrance sign that says Edgewood Subdivision. Follow Walden Parke Way until you get to Tamarack Trail and turn right. At the end of Tamarack Trail is a parking circle and the Walden-Parke Preserve Kiosk. Park in the circle and meet at the kiosk. For more information or to say you will attend, email Anna Court (annaleecourt@yahoo.com), who is coordinating this event.

August 17th-18th: Weekend field event in T4 R7 WELS (Penobscot County) at Charlene's camp, near Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. Coordinators: Charlene Donahue (donahuecp15@gmail.com; phone at 207-485-0960) and Bob Nelson (BeetleBob2003@gmail.com; phone: 207-426-9629).
The MES July field day will be on Saturday, August 17th, in T4 R7 WELS. Charlene has a rustic camp in the Township that sits between portions of the Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument lands. There is Peaked Mountain Pond and the Sebois River for aquatic collecting, gravel pits, open areas, mixed forestlands, beaver flowages, bogs, etc.
The roads in this area are rugged logging roads, and while 4WD may not be necessary, high ground clearance is helpful and carpooling a good option. Bring all your regular collecting gear and personal supplies, including a rain parka if there's any forecast for thundershowers, as well as food and PLENTY of water. A compass would be a good idea if you go off trail or out of sight of the road.
Because this area is more remote than most of our field events, there are some options for either staying overnight or meeting us for the day. You can meet at the Irving gas station in Sherman on Saturday morning; instructions on how to get here are below. Bob Nelson will be coordinating this group. Note that Bob Nelson does not have a cell phone, so once he leaves his home on Friday morning, you won't be able to reach him.
DIRECTIONS to SHERMAN: To get to Sherman, take I-95 northbound and get off at Exit 264. Turn left at the end of the offramp, drive beneath the Interstate, and the gas station will be right there in front of you. The station also has a quick-stop store inside; there is a diner in a Shell gas station on the opposite side of the Interstate, about 1/3 mile to the south. People wanting to go up the night before and/or stay Saturday night can contact the Katahdin Valley Motel (http://www.katahdinvalleymotel.com; 207-365-4554) ASAP (because they can fill up quickly!), which is right next door to the gas station. Those desiring to camp out or stay elsewhere probably already know more about the area than we could recommend.
If you want to stay at Charlene Donahue's camp in T4 R7 WELS, know that Charlene is going up early, so if you're hoping to stay at her camp, please let her know by Monday, August 12th!
The camp is remote, on Peaked Mountain Pond in T4 R7 WELS, near the KW&W National Monument. It is 19 miles off the main road, has no electricity or running water but yes, there is an outhouse with a view. If people would like to stay there they are welcome. There is a bunk room that sleeps six, a couch, and a saggy camp bed on the porch. There is tent space outside as well as a nearby MFS remote campsite. You can swim in the pond, fish and use the canoe. We can go 'bugging' right there and process specimens in the camp. Bring your own bedding, food and water. There is a gas stove and lights and dishes. Note that there is NO cell-phone coverage in this area!
Please let either Charlene or Bob know if you are coming; the last two trips have been a lot of fun. We will also need to know ASAP if you change your mind and will NOT be joining us, so we don't wait for you!
Call either of us with any questions.

Saturday, September 7th: Collecting day for Bug Maine-ia in the town of China. Coordinator: Tim McGrath. The September Field Day is Special!
Join us at the McGrath Farm in China on Saturday, September 7th, at 10:00 a.m. for an unusual M.E.S. collecting day. We'll be focusing on collecting live specimens for Tim to take to Bug Maine-ia for display on the following Tuesday!
Tim McGrath and his family are hosting this event, at his grandfather's farm at 759 Lakeview Drive in China, next door to the China Elementary School. Mixed hardwood forest, a pond, and open fields are here for scouting and collecting. Bring your regular collecting gear, lunch, water, and weather-appropriate clothing.
The farm is on U.S. Route 202 (= Maine State Route 9) on the east side of China Lake, at 44 degrees 26.32'N, 69 degrees 31.65' W.
DIRECTIONS: From either I-95 or U.S. Route 1, get onto Maine State Route 3 (which runs from Augusta to Belfast). In South China, turn north onto Route 202 and go about 3.65 miles; the farm will be on the right. If coming in from the Waterville/Winslow area on the China Road, it's 3.45 miles south of the flashing light where the Albion Road (Route 202) joins the China Road, and will be on the left.
Look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, September 10th: Bug Maine-ia at the Maine State Museum, Augusta, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
You may have heard of this insect extravaganza, which is the museum's largest annual event of the year. The museum sees over 1,000 people, hundreds of which are students, both public- and home-schooled, who come excited to learn all about insects! On that day, all the students are entomologists in training; they love the bugs!
Contributing to the heightened enthusiasm for insects on this day, are the many Maine entomologists who each year fill the museum with fascinating insect displays and hands-on opportunities allowing the public up-close and personal interaction with the bugs. Certainly we could not achieve such a successful event without the dedication and enthusiasm of all the entomologists and educators who participate. We extend a big thank you to all those dedicated presenters who join us year after year. If you have never been, we hope you will take the time to check out this amazing event!
We are always looking for new presenters and new volunteers, so if you or someone you know has a great idea for an insect display or activity or if you would like to come and help out with an existing activity, please contact Joanna Torow. We'd love to have you! Coordinator: Joanna Turow (Joanna.Torow@maine.gov; 207-287-6608).

October 5th: MES Annual Meeting at Bob & Nettie Nelson's home in Clinton (NE Kennebec County).
Bob and Nettie Nelson (BeetleBob2003@gmail.com or 426-9629) invite all M.E.S. members and potential members to their home at Rock Ridge, for the annual M.E.S. business meeting, on Saturday, October 5th. NOTE: this is a date change from what was in the November newsletter minutes of the 2018 Annual Meeting.
The grounds are open for collecting, as usual, with some changes since last year as to habitats. Our perennial sunflowers should be in full bloom at this time, and are usually a haven for late-season Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera, Diptera and other nectar and pollen feeders.
We'll have oven-roasted chicken and vegan chili available, and invite everyone to bring something else to add to the pot-luck luncheon that precedes the business meeting.
Please do let us know if you're planning to attend to help with our planning! Signs will be posted at the ends of the Clinton off-ramps from I-95 to guide you to the meeting. Please contact Bob if you need directions from another route.
We'll be ready for guests by 10:00 a.m., so people can spread out across the fields and forest for collecting. Lunch will begin around noon, and the business meeting will start at 1:30. Dana Michaud will be in attendance, so this'll also be a good opportunity to renew your membership for 2020 (hint!).
Minutes of the 2018 Meeting were published in the November, 2018, issue of the newsletter, on p. 2-3. One of the agenda items will be to confirm to accept (or amend) these minutes, so please be ready to bring any errors to our attention!
Coordinator: Bob Nelson (BeetleBob2003@gmail.com; 207-426-9629).

Saturday, October 19th: CHANGE OF VENUE! Specimen sorting at Maine State Museum Annex in Augusta
Join us as we sort through specimens at the State Museum Annex, ca. 1 mile south of the State Capitol, starting at 10:00 a.m. Contact Charlene Donahue (donahuecp15@gmail.com or by phone at 207-485-0960) if you're able to join us and help out, and need instructions on how to get there. Come see what an incredible collection is growing in the state archives, and becoming organized largely via M.E.S. volunteer help!
The MSM Annex is in the back part of the Maine Lottery building, address 10 Water St, Hallowell, ME
From the North: Take exit 109A from I-95 S heading toward Augusta on Western Avenue. After 0.5 mile, at the light by the Fire Station (before Burger King), turn right onto Armory Street.
Merge left onto Capitol Street.
In 0.8 mi turn right onto State Street.
Pass by Dairy Queen (on the left in 0.8 mi)
Take the driveway into Maine Lottery parking lot.
(If you pass the cemetery, you have gone too far.)
Enter the building by the wooden steps next to the tractor trailer, where the sign says “ENTRANCE.” Turn left and go down the long hall to the door on the right with the insect poster on it.
From the South: Go through Hallowell on Route 201.
Pass the Hallowell Cemetery, which will be on your right. Take the next driveway into the Maine Lottery parking lot. (If you pass the Dairy Queen, you have gone too far.)
Enter the building by the wooden steps next to the tractor-trailer, where the sign says “ENTRANCE.” Turn left and go down the long hall to the door on the right with the insect poster on it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The MES can only appeal to a wide variety of members if officers and board members are made aware of your opinions. Please let us know what you think and would like to see us doing!

Further information on all scheduled meetings and trips will be posted as arrangements are made and confirmed!

Charlene Donahue 460 Mills Road Whitefield, ME 04353 e-mail:
Contact the President for changes of address, general information, etc.
Kathy Claerr 214 Lewis Hill Road Bowdoin, ME 04287 e-mail:
phone: 666-3551
(Mr.) Dana Michaud 3 Halde Street Waterville, ME 04901 phone: 872-7683
Newsletter Editor
and Webmaster
Bob Nelson 779 Battle Ridge Road Clinton, ME 04927 e-mail:
phone: 426-9629
Member-At-Large of the
Executive Committee
Anna Court P. O. Box 600 Skowhegan, ME 04976 e-mail:
phone: 474-8691
Member-At-Large of the
Executive Committee
Edie King 7 Salem Street Waterville, ME 04901 e-mail:
phone: 873-1816

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