Species of Clivina
Known to Occur in Maine

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Scientific Name Distribution & Ecology in Maine General Distribution (mostly from Lindroth, 1961-69 & Bousquet & Larochelle, 1993*)
Clivina americana Dejean

Actual length: 4.7-6.0 mm
Probably throughout much of Maine; on sand and finer inorganic substrates, at margins of rivers as well as still waters (lakes and ponds). This specimen is from Sidney (Kennebec County). Easily distinguished by the divergent raised lines on the first complete abdominal segment. (Usually much darker than this teneral specimen.) Eastern North America, south at least to Louisiana; in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and southern Quebec and Ontario in Canada.
Clivina collaris (Herbst)

Actual length: 5.0-5.5 mm
Probably more widely distributed in Maine, but thus far known only from specimens collected at Skowhegan, along the Kennebec River. This is one of the two specimens collected at that site. A European introduction, known in Massachusetts from 1838, but thus far only documented from widely spaced sites across North America: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Quebec, Ontario, Ohio, Manitoba, British Columbia and Washington State.
Clivina fossor (Linnaeus)

Actual length: 5.5.-6.5 mm
Throughout the state, one of the most common of the smaller introduced European Carabids in disturbed habitats - gardens, pastures, cultivated fields, groomed riverbanks, etc. Difficult to distinguish from C. impressefrons, a native species; the most reliable external feature seems to be the protibiae of the two species; that of C. fossor is distinctly broader than that of C. impressifrons. This specimen is from Washburn (Aroostook County). Transcontinental in North America, from the Canadian Maritimes to British Columbia and Washington State, south at least to Georgia.
Clivina impressefrons LeConte

Actual length: 5.9-7.0 mm
Often confused with C. fossor, but narrower and flatter, with more parallel-sided elytra. The protibiae of the two species seem to be very reliable for separations. This specimen is from Newport (Somerset County). In southern Ontario and southern Quebec, in the U. S. west to Minnesota and Colorado, south to Alabama and Texas.
Clivina pallida Kirby

Actual length: 5.0-6.2 mm
Known in the state from three specimens only, from Berwick and Belgrade; this is one of two collected in Belgrade (Kennebec County). Identified by both Y. Bousquet and G. E. Ball. The Belgrade record was the first from New England for this species. Generally down the length of the Appalachians, from Pennsylvania and New York south to Alabama, Florida and Texas.

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