Colby College Faculty Visits to Area Classrooms

The Natural Science faculty are willing to make presentations in area classrooms to help enhance educational units students are studying. Faculty and staff willing to serve in this fashion are listed with their areas of specialty and grade level preferences by department in our resource directory .

Examples of classroom visits are described below:

Skowhegan Middle School: A member of the Biology department worked with an Honors group of fifth and sixth grade students to teach them (and the faculty involved) methods of water quality sampling. Equipment was also provided so that the group could do some work on two nearby lakes. This exercise was part of a year long project the class undertook.

Falmouth Middle School: A member of the Biology department corresponded with members of a fifth grade class about maple sugaring. After the class was involved in a sugaring project behind the school and had submitted questions, the Colby faculty member traveled to the school to make a presentation about fluid transport in plants and addressed the student questions. Data were also presented by the students involved and a discussion of ideas concerning weather and stand effects on sap quantity and quality ensued.

Fairfield Elementary School: A presentation about the natural history of marine organisms was made to a group of enthusiastic first and second graders. They had visited the coast on a field trip and had been learning about marine organisms for the past several weeks. The faculty member brought live specimens of a number of intertidal organisms to the school for the students to see and handle, discussed their feeding habits, and answered general questions about the organisms.

Kennebec Montessori School: Chemistry magic - a hands-on demonstration of acid-base indicators from red cabbage and ice-cream making given by a member of the Chemistry faculty to twenty two 3-6 year old children. year-old

Waterville Junior High: The Geology Department's January Paleontology for Non-Majors class made several presentations to 8th-grade science classes at the end of January.

Waterville Senior High School: A faculty member in Geology coached two students of the Science Olympiad team; The students will be the entomology experts on the team, and one is responsible for water quality indicators (generally aquatic insect larvae).


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