What makes Colby Colby?

Jan Plan

We love January

Our exploratory term in January, Jan Plan, gives students the opportunity to choose among hundreds of different academic experiences. Analyze independent films at the Sundance Film Festival, study the anthropology of utopias, or intern at a Fortune 500 company.


Students can do research from day one

Colby offers undergraduate research opportunities in every major. You could travel to Asia with your professor to study the effects of an aging population or collaborate with scientists to tackle problems of the world’s oceans. 


Students expand their minds

International students represent more than 70 countries and make up 8 percent of the student body. With Colby’s attention to international content in the curriculum and a robust study-abroad program, you’ll graduate with a broadened view of the world and friends from around the globe.

Biomass Plant

We leave a lighter footprint

Colby was the fourth college or university in the country to achieve carbon neutrality. We’ve been leading the way in environmental sustainability in higher education since the 1970s, when environmental studies was first introduced as an academic program.

Career CenterStudents graduate with tools for success

Our liberal arts curriculum, combined with career and grad school guidance from the Career Center, prepares students for postgraduate success in nearly every field imaginable.