Get Involved

One of the functions of the Colby College Environmental Advisory Group (EAG) is to provide a venue for students, faculty, staff, and other members of the Colby community to bring environmental/sustainability issues and projects to the attention of the College. The three ways a project or issue becomes an agenda item for the committee are listed below. Following one of the three protocols below will not necessarily guarantee a project's funding or adoption. However, it will ensure that EAG will put the issue on its agenda and consider it.
Project Submittal Options 


A committee member places it on the agenda.


An issue/project idea is given to a committee member by student, faculty or staff person. If you think the College should adopt a certain green practice or invest in a green technology, suggest your idea to any of the members listed on the members page.


A completed Environmental Project form is submitted to Dale DeBlois.

A note to potential submitters: the more information provided, the better the chances for a more thorough consideration and project adoption.