Culture of Academic Integrity at Colby (by Kyra)

The Colby Affirmation is the foundation of social and academic life here at Colby. It outlines the shared values and beliefs that guide our community both inside and outside of the classroom. During our time on The Hill, we strive to achieve intellectual growth as individuals and to encourage the intellectual growth of our peers. Thus, as the Affirmation states, “We agree to take ownership of our academic work, to submit only work that is our own, to fully acknowledge the research and ideas of others in our work, and to abide by the instructions and regulations governing academic work established by the faculty.”

Beyond this, we pledge to hold ourselves and our peers accountable to this statement. The Colby Community is not only a group of individuals who inhabit the same space, but also individuals who learn and grow together under the guidance of our professors. The Colby Community is built on respect for ourselves, others, and our environment. By submitting work that is entirely our own and acknowledging the research and ideas of others, we are demonstrating respect to our peers, our professors, the larger community, and to our own intellectual journeys. Here at Colby, we have many resources to help us produce our best work when we have challenging assignments. On The Hill, we are able to take advantage of tutors, our professors, or the Farnham Writing Center when we need extra help with our assignments.

Colby Students value integrity, honesty, and accountability in all aspects of life. Our time at Colby prepares us for whatever the future may hold. Producing our best work at Colby with integrity and honesty prepares us to produce ethical, quality work in our future careers, no matter what time constraints or pressures we will face.