Resources Available for Academic Success (by Ray and Kyra)

In the Fall of my final year at Colby, I (Kyra) sustained a concussion that made it very difficult for me to complete my coursework in a timely fashion. I was very nervous about finishing my classes and staying on top of my schoolwork, so I spoke to my academic dean and my academic advisor before approaching my professors. Although I was unable to finish several courses during the semester itself, I worked with my professors to create a unique plan of action for each class. By being candid with my professors, I received the support that I needed to finish my semester’s coursework with extensions on papers or an agreement to finish my courses over JanPlan.

We have many resources available on campus to help us when we’re not sure how to complete our academics. Whatever happens it’s crucial that we conduct our work honestly and with integrity.  Checking the syllabus or attending your professor’s office hours can help to clear up any confusion about course expectations.  Requesting a tutor is also a great way to receive guidance in a particular course.  Additionally, students working in the Farnham Writers Center (located in the second floor of Miller Library) can provide help to students struggling with adapting to Colby’s standards of writing.  A meeting with your academic advisor can help to address broader concerns not limited to a specific class.