Career and Internship Opportunities in Anthropology

Sites listed below represent some of the many possibilities open to anthropology students. Check with Colby Career Services for more options.
Indigenous People
  • Center for World Indigenous Studies Internships. There is information about Internships and Fellowships that are available at CWIS offices in the United States of America.
  • Azafady. Azafady’s aim is to help the poorest communities in Madagascar to empower themselves and develop in sustainable ways, increasing local access to health care and education. Azafady is looking for small teams of enthusiastic volunteers to take part in a dedicated lemur conservation program.
  • Survival International Internships. A human rights organization formed in 1969. This organization runs campaigns to defend tribal peoples' rights.
  • National Museum of the American Indian Internships. In this website there is information about  Internship Programs that will provide educational opportunities for students interested in the museum profession and related programming.
Acedemic Anthropology
Community Organizing and Outreach
  • A website to search for internships and jobs across the country.
  • ORAM is looking for externs for the spring semester for multiple projects involving research and writing, and on issues pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex asylum seekers and refugees.
  • Now hiring! Looking for motivated seniors interested in becoming assistant canvassing directors.