Mathew Lebowitz, ’87, Founder of MLCreative

Mat Lebowitz

Mathew Lebowitz, founder and creative director MLCreative, a media agency, graduated from Colby in 1987 with honors in Art and Creative Writing. After Colby, Lebowitz’s creative writing talent earned him admission to the renowned Iowa Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa, where he earned his MFA in Fiction. Though creative writing would remain Lebowitz’s passion, he explored post-graduate careers in graphic design. Having worked as a designer for several media companies which found only minimal success, Lebowitz pursued freelance work in graphic design. From there, he built his own creative agency that gradually harnessed more clients and work through a very much organic business process.

In his current work at MLCreative, Lebowitz finds use for the appreciation and understanding of narrative and storytelling he gleaned from his Colby experience. Lebowitz helps clients present their stories using the spectrum of visual communication. He says, “the agency helps companies convey their stories in a compelling and resonant way.” Indeed, such visual storytelling is evident in the agency’s virtual portfolio, found on the company website: MLCreative has produced website re-designs for groups like Edelman PR and the Paul Taylor Dance Company; the latter now boasts a readily navigable and sleek design, subtleties which hone focus to the company’s main mission of dance. For Edelman PR, Lebowitz designed a 9’ x 6’ touchscreen ‘wall’ for display in their corporate headquarters in Hudson Square. The design is interactive, such that users can walk up to the huge screen and spin the globe by hand, revealing videos featuring presidents of Edelman’s offices at each designated point on the globe. The program, which showcases Edelman’s work in each city and office, also functions well online and can be found at Such successes are made possible by Lebowitz’s refined approach to the media business. By keeping his business small, Lebowitz serves as direct liaison with clients, and oversees the company’s design endeavors. This ultimately lends itself to a rapid turnaround on the agency’s projects, an aspect about which clients like Edelman PR and American Express rave.

In a more philanthropic effort, Lebowitz and partner Adam Rosenbaum (also Colby ‘87) are pursuing an unpaid initiative to develop a website for the adaptive sports community. The community is essentially for athletes with disabilities which still compete at the same level of intensity as any other sport. Thus, Lebowitz and Rosenbaum aim to create a site that attracts users without prefabricating the online community. Lebowitz hopes his project, tentatively called “Adapt 4 Action,” (, coming soon) will serve as a medium and resource for members of the adaptive sports community to find information, meet like-minded people, and share stories, like many others of Lebowitz’s clientele, with the added help of some creative design.

-Amy Cunningham, ’15, William D. Adams Presidential Scholar