Preapproval Request for Credit for Study Abroad

If you intend to satisfy IS major course requirements with a study abroad program, please fill out the following form, print it and attach it along with a photocopy of the catalogue description of the proposed courses, including potential alternates to your blue Off-Campus Study application form. Submit this set of papers to the "in" box outside Diamond 251. Remember that at least half of the courses taken toward the major must be takenat Colby.

Note: If you must diverge from the preapproved courses when you arrive at your program, try to contact the program by fax (859-5229) or email ( with a revised request. In the event this is not possible prior to registration, it is your responsibility to save course syllabi, notes, exams and/or papers to make your case.

Class Year:
Campus Phone Number:
Campus Box:
E-mail address:
Name of Program:
Proposed for Areas Studies:  These courses are specific to a country or region.

Proposed for Policy Studies:  These courses have as their central focus policy issues between different countries or deal with cross national or regional issues (e.g. gender, political violence, development, propaganda).

Proposed to Count for Either:  These courses have a policy focus specific to a particular region.

Proposed to Count for the Core Requirements:

Note: If you fail to pre-approve a course, this form may be used as a post-approval form. Simply note at the top that this to be used as a post-approval.