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"In what sort of fatal mechanism have we become enmeshed?The answer cannot simply be that we are all cowards?" In 1943, a young Jewish woman named Etty Hillesum learns that she is about to be deported out of Holland. As she prepares for the three-day journey eastward, she digs deep into her soul to understand this piece of history and to root out any hatred or bitterness, believing that humanity is the best and only solution for survival. Playwright/actress Susan Stein's adaptation of Etty's diary, directed by Austin Pendleton, is a testament to human grace and dignity.In her gentle yet forthright way, Etty asks us not to leave her at Auschwitz but to let her have a bit of say in what she hopes will be a new world.

"Susan Stein's performance, under the direction of noted actor, director, and teacher Austin Pendleton, is impeccable."~Diana Barth, The Epoch Times

Co-sponsored by Jewish Studies

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Susan Stein
September 20, 7:30 p.m.