The Corporation 2005-2006

Corporate Name
The President and Trustees of Colby College
William D. Adams, M.A. ’00, Ph.D., Waterville, Maine, President

Joseph F. Boulos ’68, M.A. ’93, Falmouth, Maine, Chair of the Board

Anne Clarke Wolff ’87, M.A. ’02, M.B.A., Brooklyn, New York, Vice Chair of the Board

Edward H. Yeterian, M.A. ’91, Ph.D., Sidney, Maine, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

Douglas C. Terp ’84, M.B.A., Winslow, Maine, Vice President for Administration and Treasurer

Richard A. Ammons, M.B.A., Waterville, Maine, Vice President for College Relations

Janice Armo Kassman, M.A., Albion, Maine, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Parker J. Beverage, M.A., Waterville, Maine, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Sally A. Baker, A.B., Winslow, Maine, Executive Assistant to the President and Secretary of the Corporation
Board of Trustees
William D. Adams, M.A. ’00, Ph.D., Waterville, Maine, President

William L. Alfond ’72, M.A. ’02, Boston, Massachusetts (2006)

Robert N. Anthony ’38, M.A. ’59,  L.H.D. ’63, M.B.A., D.C.S., Hanover, New Hampshire (Life Trustee)

Joseph F. Boulos ’68, M.A. ’93, Falmouth, Maine, President, The Boulos Companies (2008)

Susan Comeau ’63, M.A. ’87, Wellesley, Massachusetts, Retired, State Street Bank and Trust (2009)

William R. Cotter, M.A. ’79, LL.D. ’00, J.D., Concord, Massachusetts, President Emeritus, Colby College; President, Oak Foundation (Life Trustee)

James E. Cowie ’77, M.B.A., Kenilworth, Illinois, Managing Director, Frontenac Company (Al. 2008)

James B. Crawford ’64, M.A. ’90, LL.D. ’05, Richmond, Virginia (2007)

Andrew A. Davis ’85, M.A. ’99, Santa Fe, New Mexico, President, Davis Selected Advisers (Al. 2006)

Robert E. Diamond Jr. ’73, M.A. ’93, M.B.A., London, England, President, Barclays plc (2007)

Gerald Dorros, Sc.D. ’01, M.A. ’02, M.D., Wilson, Wyoming, President, Dorros Cardiology and Cardiovascular Consultants (2006)

Robert S. Gelbard ’64, LL.D. ’02, M.A. ’04, M.P.A., Washington, District of Columbia, Chairman/CEO, Washington Global Partners, LLC  (2008)

William H. Goldfarb ’68, M.A. ’85, J.D., Avon, Connecticut, Principal, HRW Resources, Inc. (Al. 2006)

Michael L. Gordon ’66, M.A. ’04, J.D., New York, New York, Chief Operating Officer, Angelo Gordon & Company (2008)

Timothy B. Hussey ’78, M.A. ’03, M.B.A., Kennebunk, Maine, Chief Executive Officer, Hussey Seating Company (Al. 2006)

Nancy Joachim ’98, M.A. ’02, J.D., New York, New York, Assistant Counsel, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (Al. 2007)

Colleen A. Khoury ’64, M.A. ’95, J.D., Portland, Maine, University of Maine School of Law (2008)

Paula Crane Lunder, M.A. ’98, D.F.A. ’98, Scarborough, Maine, Kenilworth, Inc. (2006)

Joanne Weddell Magyar ’71, M.A. ’02, Stamford, Connecticut, Optician, Rye Eye Care (Al. 2007)

William J. Montgoris, M.A. ’99, B.B.A., Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, Retired Chief Operating Officer, Bear Stearns and Company, Inc.(2007)

Kate P. Lucier O’Neil ’85, M.A. ’00, M.B.A., Prides Crossing, Massachusetts, General Partner, FLAG Capital Management (Al. 2006)

M. Jane Powers ’86, M.S.W., Medford, Massachusetts, Director of Day Treatment Program, St. Ann’s Home (Al. 2008)

Lawrence R. Pugh ’56, M.A. ’82, LL.D. ’99, Yarmouth, Maine, Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, VF Corporation (2009)

David Pulver ’63, M.A. ’83, M.B.A., Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, President, Cornerstone Capital, Inc. (2009)

William J. Rouhana Jr. ’72, M.A. ’99, J.D., Greenwich, Connecticut, Managing Member, WS Management LLC (2007)

Robert A. Rudnick ’69, M.A. ’03, J.D., Washington, District of Columbia, Partner, Shearman & Sterling LLP (Al. 2007)

Richard R. Schmaltz ’62, M.A. ’76, Rowayton, Connecticut, Retired Managing Director, J. & W. Seligman (2009)

Paul J. Schupf, M.A. ’91, B.A., Hamilton, New York, President, Paul J. Schupf Associates (2006)

Paul G. Spillane Jr. '79, M.A. '06, M.B.A., Darien, Connecticut, President and CEO, Soleil Securities Group (2009)

Robert E. L. Strider II, M.A. ’57, Litt.D. ’79, Ph.D., Jamaica Plain,Massachusetts, President Emeritus, Colby College (Life Trustee)

Michael S. Sylvester ’63, M.A. ’03, M.B.A., New York, New York, CEO, Foamseal/Novagard Inc. (2007)

Nancy Greer Weiland ’65, M.A. ’02, Ph.D., New York, New York (2006)

Anne Clarke Wolff ’87, M.A. ’02, M.B.A., Brooklyn, New York, Managing Director/Head of Fixed Income Capital Markets, Citigroup Foundation (2006)
Faculty Representatives
Kerill N. O’Neill, Ph.D., Waterville, Maine, Taylor Associate Professor of Classics (2008)

Joseph Reisert, Ph.D., Waterville, Maine, Harriet S. Wiswell and George C. Wiswell Jr. Associate Professor of American Constitutional Law (2006)

Student Representatives
Donnell P. O’Callaghan ’06, New Canaan, Connecticut (2006)

Romeo Raugei ’06, Alpharetta, Georgia (2006)