The Colby Experience

Life at Colby, as shaped by the College’s mission and precepts (see General Information section) and other College initiatives, is characterized by academic rigor, a strong community, a friendly campus atmosphere, international perspectives, and efforts to understand and to advance diversity.

Intellectual challenge is at the core of the Colby experience. A strong community combined with strong academic and social programming ensure a rich student life. Colby is recognized as a leader in internationalism—in its emphasis on study abroad programs, in the international diversity of the student body and faculty, and in the ways global issues permeate the curriculum. Colby prepares graduates to function in a global economy and to work effectively with people of diverse races, cultures, and backgrounds. Colby graduates find their places at top Wall Street firms, the best medical schools and research universities, the finest law and business programs, in the arts, government service, social service, education, and nonprofit organizations.
Student Support Team
The Office of the Dean of Students provides services in residential life, housing, student activities, academic advising, multicultural affairs, international affairs, and personal counseling. Professional members of the staff are on call to assist students and parents at any hour. Along with Health Services, Counseling Services, and the College chaplains, the Office of the Dean of Students is part of Colby’s Student Support Team, which assists students with academic, emotional, physical, or practical problems that may arise during the college years.
From the time of admission until they arrive on campus, new students are invited to make use of the admitted students’ Web site and a hot line to the College to get answers to questions they may have. An on-campus orientation program for first-year and other new students is held just before the beginning of each new semester. The program includes an introduction to the intellectual and social life of the College, meetings with academic advisors, and placement examinations. Prior to orientation, first-year students may participate in COOT (Colby Outdoor Orientation Trips), conducted by upperclass students, alumni, faculty, and staff members. Upperclass COOT leaders continue to guide new students once classes begin.