January Program

January Program options include courses for credit, independent
study, internships, and noncredit courses (link to appropriate page
in "requirements" (page 33 in book).

Courses offered in January may be used to fulfill the January Program
requirement, which is described under "Academic Requirements." A list
of offerings is available at http://www.colby.edu/catalogue in the
"Departments and Programs" menu under "January Program." That link
points to the most complete list of offerings and will include
current-year information when Jan Plan registration opens in October.
January Program courses also are available on the registrar's Web
page (http://www.colby.edu/registrar) by searching for "JP" courses
through the Curriculum Search link. Enrollment is limited to 30
students or fewer in nearly all courses. First-year students have
priority in all noncredit and 100-level courses unless otherwise

Most courses offered in January are described under the sponsoring
academic department or program in this catalogue along with the
regular semester offerings (a "j" following the course number
indicates a January Program course). Courses listed here are
independent of an academic department or program but have been
offered in recent years and serve as examples of such independent