Opportunities to Study Abroad

Colby maintains an Office of Off-Campus Study (see “Academic Information” section) to facilitate study abroad or study at a few domestic off-campus programs that are integrated into each major and academic program. Applications and requests for program approval are processed by this office in advance of the student’s enrollment in a program of study away from Colby. Students who transfer credits for full-time study in a non-Colby program are subject to a fee of $1,000 per semester. Financial aid may be applied, for qualified students only, to Colby programs and approved non-Colby programs. Students are required to consult their major advisor and the off-campus faculty liaison in their major department while making plans for study abroad. Sophomores will have access to a handbook detailing procedures and listing approved Colby and non-Colby programs early in the fall semester. Applications for off-campus study during the year 2008-2009 are due by March 15, 2008, regardless of the semester for which the student is applying. Colby students normally study abroad for one semester. A 2.7 G. P. A. is required to study abroad, and students on probation of any kind may not study abroad.
Colby-Sponsored Foreign-Language Semesters
Colby offers an opportunity for students to satisfy the College’s language requirement and earn a semester’s credit by living abroad and studying the language intensively. These programs are available to sophomores and juniors.

Colby in Salamanca: This program provides the opportunity for students to learn Spanish at the University of Salamanca, one of the oldest universities in Europe. Students reside with families, attend intensive language courses, and have a full schedule of excursions to enrich their knowledge of Spanish life and culture. The program is under the supervision of a resident Colby director and is offered in the fall and spring semesters. Students must have completed Spanish 125 or at least two years of high school Spanish.

Colby in Dijon: This program offers students the opportunity to study French language, history, and art in Dijon, France, at the University of Burgundy. Cultural activities and excursions are included. Students live with French families. To qualify, students normally should have completed French 125 at Colby or have completed two years of high school French. The program is offered in the fall semester.
Colby-Sponsored First-Year Programs
The College offers the following programs abroad designed specifically for entering first-year students:

Colby in Salamanca: Refer to description above.

Colby in Dijon: Refer to description above.
Colby-Sponsored Programs Abroad for Juniors
While courses needed for most liberal arts majors are offered at the College, many students are attracted by the opportunity to study abroad for a comparative examination of their major field or a different perspective on their studies. Such programs are generally undertaken during the junior year. Colby offers study programs in France, Spain, and Russia.

Colby in Salamanca: This program offers complete integration into the Universidad de Salamanca, where students can take courses in any division alongside Spanish students. Students of any major may be accepted provided they have taken at least Spanish 135 and Spanish 231. Participants choose to live with Spanish families or in apartments with Spanish students and agree to speak only Spanish for the duration of the program. The program is offered for the academic year or the fall or spring semester.

Colby in Dijon: For students who have satisfied the language requirement, Colby in Dijon offers advanced French language courses as well as courses in literature and history. Students live with French families and participate in a rich program of cultural excursions. This program is offered during the fall semester only.

Colby in St. Petersburg: This program, offered either semester, is available to students who have had at least two years of college Russian. It is small (maximum five students) and includes a set program of instruction in Russian language (grammar, phonetics, conversation, and composition), literature, and history (readings in Russian and English). Courses are taught by instructors at the St. Petersburg Classical Gymnasium, where Colby students also teach two classes in English to Russian high school students. Students live with Russian families, and a full cultural program is offered, including excursions.
Other Study Programs Abroad
In addition to its own programs, the College approves study at a number of institutions and programs throughout the world that meet Colby’s standards for academic rigor. A handbook of opportunities that lists all approved programs is available on the Off- Campus Study Web site and is distributed to all sophomores near the beginning of the fall semester. For programs not administered by Colby, the College requires that students obtain approval for their course of study before the stated deadline; without prior approval, credit cannot be transferred to Colby. Approval forms are available from the Office of Off-Campus Study. For study abroad during the academic year 2008-2009, a preliminary application must be filed with the Off-Campus Study Office by November 15, 2007, and a final application or request for program approval submitted by March 15, 2008, or March 1, 2008 in cases requiring petitions. Students receiving financial aid continue to receive that aid if they attend a Colby-approved program.

With the exception of Colby’s language acquisition programs in Salamanca and Dijon, students who wish to study in a country whose language is taught at Colby must have taken the equivalent of at least three semesters of the language before departure (some programs and majors require more advanced preparation). Students are advised to keep this in mind while selecting courses during their first two years. For study in countries where the language is not taught at Colby, students are required to take courses in the host country’s language for the duration of their program.

Students should be aware that due to enrollment constraints, they may not be able to study abroad in the semester of their choice and that opportunities to study abroad for the full year are restricted. Colby students cannot earn credit for study abroad undertaken in any country for which a U.S. State Department Travel Warning was issued prior to program departure.
Approved Domestic Programs
Students wishing to participate in approved domestic programs must meet the same deadlines for preliminary and final applications as students who wish to study abroad. These programs are listed in the “Handbook of Off-Campus Study Opportunities,” available each fall on the Off-Campus Study Web site (www.colby.edu/off-campus).

Opportunities include:

Exchange programs: Colby participates in student exchange programs with Howard University in Washington, D.C., and Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. Ordinarily, exchanges are arranged for a single semester of the junior year. Each student pays tuition, board, and room charges at the home institution; travel is at the student’s expense.

Colby in Washington: This semester program is designed to provide an academically rigorous and pedagogically diversified intellectual and cultural experience for Colby students. It is administered in cooperation with The Washington Center, with direct oversight by a Colby faculty member. Students with a variety of majors take advantage of the program, which is open to a maximum of 15 students from the junior and sophomore classes. Information is available from the Government Department.

Engineering Programs: Colby has a coordinated dual degree engineering program with Dartmouth College, in which both a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of engineering can be earned. Students spend their first two years and their senior year at Colby and their junior year and a fifth year at Dartmouth. The usual Colby graduation requirements must be met in addition to engineering prerequisites, so careful course planning is important. For more information, contact the engineering advisor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Course Exchange: A course exchange program is in effect with Bates, Bowdoin, and Thomas colleges. Students may obtain information from the registrar.

ROTC: Colby students may participate in Reserve Officer Training Corps programs offered at other Maine sites. Information about these programs is available in the Dean of Students Office.