The Corporation

Corporate Name
The President and Trustees of Colby College

William D. Adams, M.A. ’00, Ph.D., Waterville, Maine, President

Joseph F. Boulos ’68, M.A. ’93, Falmouth, Maine, Chair of the Board

William H. Goldfarb ’68, M.A. ’85, J.D., Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Vice Chair of the Board

Edward H. Yeterian, M.A. ’91, Ph.D., Sidney, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty

Parker J. Beverage, M.A., Waterville, Maine, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

Douglas C. Terp ’84, M.B.A., Winslow, Maine, Administrative Vice President

Sally A. Baker, A.B., Winslow, Maine, Secretary of the Corporation

Richard Allen Ammons, M.B.A., Oakland, Maine, Vice President for College Relations

James S. Terhune, M.Ed., Waterville, Maine, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Board of Trustees
William D. Adams, M.A. ’00, Ph.D., Waterville, Maine, President

William L. Alfond ’72, M.A. ’02, Boston, Massachusetts, Director, Dexter Enterprises Inc. (2010)

Joseph F. Boulos ’68, M.A. ’93, Falmouth, Maine, President, The Boulos Companies (2008)

Susan Comeau ’63, M.A. ’87, Englewood, Florida, Retired Executive Vice President, State Street Bank and Trust (2009)

Ann Marie Connolly, M.A. ’07, M.Ed., Concord, Massachusetts, Special Assistant to the President, Emmanuel College (2011)

Rebecca Littleton Corbett ’74, Baltimore, Maryland, Deputy Bureau Chief, New York Times (2010)

William R. Cotter, M.A. ’79, LL.D. ’00, J.D., Concord, Massachusetts, Retired President, Oak Foundation; President Emeritus, Colby College (Life Trustee)

James E. Cowie ’77, M.A. ’05, M.B.A., Kenilworth, Illinois, Managing Director, Frontenac Company (Al. 2008)

James B. Crawford ’64, M.A. ’90, LL.D. ’05, Richmond, Virginia, Chairman, Inter American Coal Holding L.C. (2008)

John B. Devine Jr. ’78, M.A. ’06, Phoenix, Maryland (Al. 2009)

Robert E. Diamond Jr. ’73, M.A. ’93, M.B.A., London, England, President, Barclays plc (2011)

Gerald Dorros, M.A. ’02, Sc.D. ’01, M.D., Wilson, Wyoming, President, Dorros Cardiology and Cardiovascular Consultants (2010)

Diana J. Fuss ’82, M.A. ’07, Ph.D., New York, New York, Professor, Princeton University (2011)

Robert Sidney Gelbard ’64, LL.D. ’02, M.P.A., Washington, District of Columbia, Chairman, Washington Global Partners LLC (2008)

William H. Goldfarb ’68, M.A. ’85, J.D., Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Principal, HRW Re-sources, Inc. (Al. 2009)

Michael L. Gordon ’66, M.A. ’04, J.D., New York, New York, Chief Operating Officer, Angelo Gordon & Company (2008)

Todd W. Halloran ’84, M.A. ’06, M.B.A., Darien, Connecticut, Partner, Freeman Spogli and Company (Al. 2009)

Timothy B. Hussey ’78, M.A. ’03, M.B.A., Kennebunk, Maine, Chief Executive Officer, Hussey Seating Company (Al. 2009)

Emma J. James ’04, M.A. ’07, J.D., New York, New York, Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP (Al. 2010)

Colleen A. Khoury ’64, M.A. ’95, J.D., Portland, Maine, Professor and Former Dean, University of Maine School of Law (2008)

Seth W. Lawry, M.A. ’06, M.B.A., Weston, Massachusetts, Managing Director, Thomas H. Lee Partners, L. P. (2010)

Paula Crane Lunder, M.A. ’98, D.F.A. ’98, Scarborough, Maine, Kenilworth, Inc. (Life Trustee)

William A. Oates Jr. ’65, M.A. ’05, M.B.A., Dedham, Massachusetts, President, Northeast Investment Management, Inc. (2009)

M. Jane Powers ’86, M.A. ’05, M.S.W., Medford, Massachusetts, Director of Day Treatment Program, St. Ann’s Home (Al. 2008)

Lawrence R. Pugh ’56, M.A. ’82, LL.D. ’99, Yarmouth, Maine, Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, VF Corporation (2009)

David Pulver ’63, M.A. ’83, M.B.A., Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, President, Cornerstone Capital, Inc. (2009)

Robert A. Rudnick ’69, M.A. ’04, J.D., Washington, District of Columbia, Partner, Shearman & Sterling LLP (Al. 2010)

Richard R. Schmaltz ’62, M.A. ’76, Rowayton, Connecticut, Senior Advisor, J .& W. Seligman; Retired Managing Director, J. & W. Seligman (2009)

Paul G. Spillane Jr. ’79, M.A. ’05, M.B.A., Darien, Connecticut, Chief Executive Officer and President, Soleil Securities Group, Inc. (2009)

Robert E. L. Strider II, M.A. ’57, Litt.D. ’79, Ph.D., Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, President Emeritus, Colby College (Life Trustee)

Michael S. Sylvester ’63, M.A. ’03, M.B.A., New York, New York, Chief Executive Officer, Novagard Solutions, Inc. (2011)

Charles Terrell ’70, M.A. ’06, Ed.D., Washington, District of Columbia, Vice President, Association of American Medical Colleges (2010)

Richard Y. Uchida ’79, M.A. ’06, J.D., Bow, New Hampshire, Attorney, Law Office of Crisp, Barrett, Hebert & Uchida, PLLC (2010)

Nancy Greer Weiland ’65, M.A. ’02, Ph.D., New York, New York (2010)

Anne Clarke Wolff ’87, M.A. ’02, M.B.A., Brooklyn, New York, Managing Director/Head of Fixed Income Capital Markets, Citigroup (2010) 

Faculty Representatives
L. Sandy Maisel, M.A. ’83, Ph.D., Rome, Maine, William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Government, Director of the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement (2010)

Kerill N. O’Neill, Ph.D., Waterville, Maine, Julian D. Taylor Associate Professor of Classics (2008)

Student Representatives
Nicholas W. Cade '08, Evanston, Illinois (2008)

Jeffrey Mullins '08, Bethesda, Maryland (2008)