Sabbatical Leaves For 2007-2008

Semester I

 Michael McGuire, Libraries

Semester II
Patricia Burdick, Libraries

Sakhi Khan, Athletics

Jonathan Weiss, French and Italian

Full Year

Hideko Abe, East Asian Studies

Adrian Blevins, English/Creative Writing

Liliana Botcheva-Andonova, Environmental Studies and Government

Jennifer Boylan, English

Cheshire Calhoun, Philosophy

Guilain Denoeux, Government

Cheryl Townsend Gilkes, Sociology and African-American Studies

Arthur Greenspan, French and Italian

Paul Josephson, History

Peter Joshua Kavaler, Biology

Howard Lupovitch, Jewish Studies

Harriett Matthews, Art

Tilar Mazzeo, English

Elisa Narin van Court, English

Randy Nelson, Administrative Science and Economics

Steven Nuss, Music

Ursula Reidel-Schrewe, German and Russian

Thomas Shattuck, Chemistry

Andreas Waldkirch, Economics

Christine Wentzel, Theater and Dance

Full-Year Leave Without Pay

Charles Conover, Physics and Astronomy

Daniel Contreras, English

Joylynn Wing, Theater and Dance

Half-Year Leave Without Pay

Anindyo Roy, Semester I

Colby Programs Abroad

Jonathan Weiss, French and Italian, Colby in Dijon, Semester I