Summary of Requirements for Graduation
  • Residence Requirement: at least 64 credit hours
  • Quantity: a minimum of 128 credit hours in at least eight* full-time semesters (*seven for students entering in the 2009-2010 academic year or later)
  • Quality: a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA
  • Distribution (number of courses): 
    • English Composition (1) 
    • Foreign Language
    • Arts (1) 
    • Historical Studies (1) 
    • Literature (1) 
    • Quantitative Reasoning (1)
    • Natural Sciences (2)
    • Social Sciences (1)
    • Diversity (2)
    • First-year Supper Seminars/Wellness
  • Major: satisfy requirements of a major
  • January Program: complete two to three January programs, (two for students in residence six semesters or fewer)
Graduation Requirements
To qualify for the degree of bachelor of arts, a candidate must meet specific requirements in residence, quantity, quality, distribution, major, and January Program. Only those seniors who have met all graduation requirements are eligible to participate in the commencement exercises. Students who, because of extreme extenuating circumstances, find themselves unable to graduate with their class, may appeal to the Administrative Committee of the College for permission to march with their class and receive an empty diploma cover.

The following statements define the graduation requirements.

Residence Requirement
Candidates for the degree must earn in residence at least 64 credit hours. They must be resident students at Colby for at least four semesters, including the senior year* (*the final semester only for students entering in the 2009-2010 academic year or later). A resident student is defined as a full-time student taking at least 12 credit hours and paying tuition charges at the semester rate. 

Unless taken as part of an established institutional exchange program, credits earned at another institution while a student is registered concurrently at Colby may not be applied toward graduation requirements.

Quantity Requirement (Credits)
A minimum of 128 credit hours earned in at least eight* semesters of full-time college-level study (* seven semesters for student entering in the 2009-2010 academic year or later). Among the 128 credit hours, up to 16 may be earned in courses taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.
Quality Requirement
At least a 2.00 cumulative grade point average. For each credit hour, a mark of:
  • A earns four points
  • B earns three points
  • C earns two points
  • D earns one point
  • Each plus mark earned adds: .3 quality point per credit hour
  • Each minus mark deducts: .3 quality point per credit hour