Academic Programs

Divisions, Departments, and Programs
Colby College academic departments and programs are classified in the following divisions:

Division of Humanities, Associate Professor Kerill N. O'Neill, chair, includes the departments of Art, Classics, East Asian Studies, English, French and Italian, German and Russian, Music, Philosophy, Spanish, and Theater and Dance.

Division of Social Sciences, Professor Thane S. Pittman, chair, includes the departments of Administrative Science, Anthropology, Economics, Government, History, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Sociology.

Division of Natural Sciences, Professor D. Whitney King, chair, includes the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics and Astronomy.

Division of Interdisciplinary Studies, Professor Mark B. Tappan, chair, includes the programs in African Studies; African-American Studies; American Studies; Creative Writing; Education; Environmental Studies; International Studies; Jewish Studies; Latin American Studies; Science, Technology, and Society; and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Integrated Studies   Integrated Studies, first offered in the spring of 1997, is a pioneering program in liberal arts education designed to explore an era or aspect of world civilization from the perspective of several disciplines. The Integrated Studies semester provides an opportunity for students to learn about a subject in depth and to make broad connections between disciplines that will help reveal the essential unity of human knowledge and experience. Structured around clusters of courses, the program is open to all classes. The program and the individual courses are described under “Integrated Studies” in the Courses of Study section of this catalogue.