Colby admits students as candidates for the degree of bachelor of arts. Admission is highly selective, and evaluation is based on data concerning academic achievement and ability, as well as qualities of intellectual promise, interest and excitement in learning, character, and maturity.

The College actively seeks applicants who have special qualities or talents to contribute to the Colby community, as well as those who represent diverse geographical, racial, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds. Such candidates are expected to be within acceptable ranges of academic ability and preparation.

The quality of a candidate’s preparation is judged by the academic record, references from school administrators and teachers, and results of tests administered by The College Board or by the American College Testing Program.

To ensure a common educational base, a minimum of 16 academic preparatory units is strongly recommended, including four years of English, at least three of a single foreign language, three of college preparatory mathematics, two of history or social studies, two of laboratory science, and two years of other college preparatory electives.

Colby supports the efforts of secondary school officials and governing bodies to have their schools achieve regional accredited status, in order to provide reliable assurance of the quality of the educational preparation of its applicants for admission.

The average rate of return from first year to sophomore year is 93 percent. The average five-year graduation rate is 88 percent.

Application Schedule
November 15:      Deadline for filing applications for fall option early decision admission and financial aid. *Notification: by December 15.
December 1: Deadline for filing applications for midyear transfer admission.
*Notification: by December 31.
January 1: Deadline for filing applications for winter option early decision admission and financial aid. *Notification: by February 1.
January 1: Deadline for filing applications for regular admission.
March 1: Deadline for filing fall transfer applications and financial aid requests. *Notification: by May 15.
By April 1: Notification of action by admissions committee and of financial aid awards to the applicants for first-year student admission who did not apply early decision.
By May 1: Admitted regular applicants confirm intention to attend Colby by payment of $300 advance tuition deposit.

Application Forms
Application forms, including the Colby supplement to the Common Application, are available online at An application fee is not required for any applicant from Maine or for any student who files the application electronically.

Interviews, though not required, are recommended and are available on campus from May 1 to mid-January. Appointments may be scheduled on weekdays, beginning at 8:45a.m., and on most Saturday mornings in the fall.

Interviews with alumni can generally be arranged for students who are unable to visit the campus and who would like additional personal contact and information about the College.