Exams and Marks

Hour Exams and Quizzes
Hour exams will be scheduled with at least one week's notice. Short quizzes may be given without notice.
Throughout the semester, at the discretion of the professor, warnings are issued to students. A major warning signifies that a student's average is below passing; a minor warning means that a student's average is barely passing. Warnings may also be issued for excessive absence or late or incomplete assignments. Attention is called to the statement on attendance in this section of this catalogue.
Semester Exams
Six days are set aside at the close of each semester for two-hour final exams. The Registrar's Office schedules the time and place of semester exams in all courses except those that are specifically exempted by the appropriate department chair. An excused absence for a semester exam is granted if:
  1. The instructor gives permission because of illness or grave emergency.
  2. The registrar has been notified (on the appropriate form) of a valid conflict involving three exams on one day, four in consecutive order, or two courses with the same exam number.
A student with three exams scheduled in one day or four exams in sequence may choose the exam to be postponed.

A postponed exam may be taken during the designated make-up period or at another time subsequent to the scheduled exam agreeable to both the student and the instructor. There is no make-up for failed exams.

The mark for the exam may constitute up to half of the total course mark.

A student may obtain marks from instructors, but the only official College record is that maintained in the Registrar's Office. Grades can be viewed on the Web the day following the faculty's grade reporting deadline; semester reports are sent to parents upon explicit request of the student. Grade reports may be withheld at the direction of the Business Office for students whose financial obligations to the College have not been met. 

In graded courses: Marks are ordinarily posted as A, B, C, D, and F, with + or - appended to grades A through D. A mark below D- means failure.

In nongraded courses: For semester courses, CR indicates credit is earned; NC is recorded if credit is not earned. For January courses, CR indicates credit for program; F is recorded if no credit is earned.

Courses offered for January Program credit only (i.e., which fulfill the January Program requirement but carry no credit hours toward graduation) are graded honors, pass, or fail.

Absent and Incomplete Grades: A mark of AB indicates that a student was absent from the final examination. A mark of I indicates a course not finished for some reason other than failure to take the final examination. An incomplete is not appropriate unless the student has made prior arrangements with the instructor. Work to make up grades of AB or I must be submitted within limits set by the instructor, but not later than January 15 for first semester, the Tuesday following spring break for January credit courses, or July 1 for the second semester. After these dates any remaining marks of AB or I will be changed to F. The dean of students may give limited extensions for the completion of work without penalty but only for excuses similar to those acceptable for missing a final examination. A student with any mark of I (except in the case of illness or critical emergency) is not eligible for Dean's List.

Changes in Grades: An instructor who wishes to change a semester grade (except AB and/or I) after the grade reporting deadline must secure approval of such change from the dean of faculty. Any change must be demonstrated to be necessitated by discovery of an error in recording or reporting or must result from a bona fide medical problem as verified by the dean of students.

Marks of W, WF, and WU indicate withdrawal from a course and represent the student's standing at the time of withdrawal. W indicates either passing or no basis for judgment. WF indicates failing. WU indicates that the grade would be below C- in a course being taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. These marks are excluded from computation of all averages.

F indicates failure or abandonment of a course without formal withdrawal.