Attendance, Religious Holidays

Students are expected to attend all of their classes and scheduled course events in any semester or January and are responsible for any work missed. Failure to attend can lead to a warning, grading penalties, and/or dismissal from the course with a failing grade. 

Religious Holidays
In order that no students at Colby suffer academic penalty because of the conscientious observance of a major religious holiday, it is important that faculty members follow a uniform policy regarding such observance.

It is reasonable to consider major religious holidays for the Colby student body as a whole to be the following: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, the first full day of Passover, Good Friday, and Easter. Quizzes or exams will not be scheduled and assigned papers will not be due on any of these holidays. In addition, no student will be required to participate in major College events such as athletic contests, major lectures, or concerts on these holidays.

Students whose conscientious religious observance requires their absence on days other than or in addition to those named above can make use of the following procedure prior to the holiday. If written notification is delivered to the course instructor at least one week before the holiday, the student's absence on the holiday will be regarded as an authorized one, and the student will be excused from quizzes and exams for that day. Under these circumstances the student will be permitted to take the exam or a make-up exam without penalty. A similar option exists with respect to papers: if proper notification is delivered to the course instructor before the holiday, the student will be excused from submitting a paper due on that holiday.