Repeated Courses, Auditing Courses

Repeated Courses
Students with a need to earn a higher grade may repeat a course previously passed; both the first and subsequent enrollments and grades will be permanent entries on the academic record and transcript, and both grades will be used in computing the grade point average. No additional credit will be granted for the repeated course. Exceptions: Some courses build skills or change content in ways that make them repeatable regardless of grades given. Catalogue descriptions for such courses include the statement “May be repeated for additional credit.” More specific information about repeatable courses may be obtained from the chair of the department concerned.

Auditing Courses
A matriculated Colby student may arrange to audit courses with the consent of the instructor. No credit is earned, and the audit is not recorded on the student's permanent record.

An auditor is not permitted to submit papers or perform any other function for which course credit is usually given. For this reason, auditing is seldom permitted in courses where the method of instruction involves significant individual attention and criticism. Under no circumstances can academic credit be given an auditor, nor can an audited course later be converted into an accredited course. The decision whether the course is to be audited or taken for credit must be made at entry.

Individuals who are not matriculated Colby students may register to audit courses at the College. Application to audit must be made with the dean of admissions; if approval is granted, forms for registering to audit specific courses must be filed with the Registrar's Office. Permission to audit will be withheld if the class is already too large and if auditing applications for it are numerous.