Ancient History

145j    Between Revolution and Tradition: Julius Caesar and Augustus    Listed as Classics 145. Two credit hours.    J. ROISMAN

154s    Roman History     A history of Rome from a city-state to an empire. Topics include the Romans' view of their past, Roman social institutions, imperialism and the crisis of the Roman Republic, and emperors and their subjects. Three or four credit hours.  H, I.    J. ROISMAN

158f    Greek History    A survey of Greek history and civilization from the earliest times to the end of the Classical period. The Heroic Age, the city-state, Greek sexuality, the wars with the Persians, ancient democracy, and the intellectual and cultural achievements of the ancient Greeks are among topics covered. Three or four credit hours.  H, I.    J. ROISMAN

[234]    In Search of a Strong Man: Greece in the Fourth Century    Listed as Classics 234. Three or four credit hours.  H, I.    

[351]    Law, Society, and Politics in Ancient Athens    Examines Athenian law and litigation in their social and political context. Discusses the origins and development of Athenian law, concepts of justice, and how Athenian trials were conducted. Analyzes historical cases of homicide, assault, sexual misconduct, tort and property, and political and communal misconduct. Examines the rhetoric of presenting a case in court. Students will construct mock trails in which they play the roles of prosecutors, defendants, and jurors. Formerly offered as Ancient History 397. Four credit hours.  H.    

356f    Alexander the Great    Listed as Classics 356. Four credit hours.  H.    J. ROISMAN

398s    The Good, the Bad, and the Mad: Early Imperial Rome    Listed as Classics 398. Four credit hours.    J. ROISMAN

491f, 492s    Independent Study    Individual projects in areas where the student has demonstrated the interest and competence necessary for independent work. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. One to four credit hours.    FACULTY