Jewish Studies

115Jj    English Composition: Holocaust Lessons    Listed as English 115J, Section C. Three credit hours.    N. HARRIS

121j    Entartete (Degenerate)Musik    Listed as Music 121. Three credit hours.  A, I.    SILVER

143f    Introduction to Scripture: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament    Listed as Religious Studies 143. Four credit hours.  L.    MANDOLFO

181f    Conceptions of Jews and Judaism    Listed as Religious Studies 181. Four credit hours.  H, I.    FREIDENREICH

182s    Jews and Judaism in the Modern World    Listed as Religious Studies 182. Four credit hours.  H, I.    FREIDENREICH

197f    Introduction to the Talmud    Listed as Religious Studies 197. Four credit hours.    FREIDENREICH

251f    Israelis and Palestinians: Conflict and Accommodation    Listed as Government 251. Four credit hours.  S, I.    DENOEUX

252f    Politics of the Middle East    Listed as Government 252. Four credit hours.  I.    DENOEUX

297f    The Apocalyptic Imagination    Listed as Religious Studies 297. Four credit hours.    MANDOLFO

297Jj    Topics in Maine's Jewish History    Listed as Religious Studies 297J. Three credit hours.  H, U.    FREIDENREICH

322s    Food and Religious Identity    Listed as Religious Studies 322. Four credit hours.  S.    FREIDENREICH

376f    Shadows of the Past: Remembering Vichy France and the Holocaust    Listed as French 376. Four credit hours.  L, I.    BRUNETAUX

421f    Research Seminar: Debating the Nazi Past    Listed as History 421. Four credit hours.  H, I.    SCHECK

[423]    Jews in Literature: Medieval to Modern    Listed as English 423. Four credit hours.  L.    

491f, 492s    Independent Study     One to four credit hours.    FACULTY