Latin American Studies

173f    History of Latin America     Latin America's search for political stability and economic development from the origins of the indigenous American civilizations to the present. Major themes include the Aztec and Inca imperial conquests of the 14th century, Spanish and Portuguese colonization, the Bourbon and Pombaline rationalization of the 18th century, the independence wars and national civil wars of the 19th century, and right- and left-wing dictatorships. Four credit hours.  H, I.    FALLAW

174s    Introduction to Latin American Studies    An intensive, cross-disciplinary introduction to Latin American society and culture. Elite and popular search for identity through writings and art (music, painting, murals). Institutions and structures found across Latin America such as frontiers, the landed estate, urban shantytown, religious syncretism. Formerly listed as Latin American Studies 171. Four credit hours.  H, I.    FALLAW

214s    Economic Policy and Performance in Contemporary Latin America    Listed as Economics 214. Four credit hours.  I.    FRANKO

235f    Ethnographies of Latin America: Violence and Democracy in the Andes    Listed as Anthropology 235. Four credit hours.  I.    TATE

236s    Illegal Drugs, Law, and the State    Listed as Anthropology 236. Four credit hours.    TATE

[272]    History of Law, Society, and Rebellion in Mexico    Listed as History 272. Four credit hours.  H, I.    

[274]    Race, Religion, and Frontiers in Iberian-American Colonization    Listed as History 274. Four credit hours.  H, I.    

275j    Strongmen and Populism in Modern Spain and Latin America    Listed as History 275. Three credit hours.  H, I.    FALLAW

277s    History of the Maya from 200 B.C.    Listed as History 277. Four credit hours.  H, I.    FALLAW

298s    Music in Colonial Latin America    Listed as Music 298. Four credit hours.  A.    BORGERDING

473f    Roots of Political and Ethnic Conflict in Modern Latin America    Listed as History 473. Four credit hours.  H, I.    FALLAW

483f, 484js    Senior Honors Thesis    A year-long research project for senior majors, resulting in a written thesis to be publicly presented and defended. Students may register either for two credits in the fall, January, and spring terms or for three credits in the fall and spring terms. Prerequisite: a 3.3 or higher major average at the end of the junior year and permission of the Latin American studies advisory committee. One to four credit hours.    FACULTY

491f, 492s    Independent Study    An independent study project devoted to a topic chosen by the student with the approval of an advisor. Only independent studies taken with a Colby faculty member and approved by the director of the Latin American Studies Program may count toward fulfilling major requirements. One to four credit hours.    FACULTY