Courses Approved to Fulfill the Seminar Requirement

Note: The student must submit a copy of the title page of the seminar paper signed by the instructor to demonstrate appropriateness.
  • Anthropology 
    • 452 Anthropology of Power
  • Economics 
    • 4-- Senior Seminar (if topic is appropriate*)
    • 435 Latin American Economic Development
  • Environmental Studies 
    • 493 Environmental Policy Practicum (if topic is appropriate*)
  • Government 
    • 432 Seminar: United States Foreign Policy
    • 435 Memory and Politics
    • 450 Seminar: Democratization in Latin America
    • 451 Seminar: Political Violence, Revolutions, and Ethnic Conflict
    • 454 Politics of Development
  • History 
    • 421 Seminar: Debating the Nazi Past
    • 444 Big Science and Technology in the 20th Century
    • 445 Nuclear Madness
    • 446 Historical Epidemiology
    • 447 Seminar: The Cold War
    • 452 The Rise of Modern East Asia
    • 461 History and Development of Islamic law
    • 473 Political and Ethnic Conflict in Modern Latin America
  • International Studies
    • 437 Media, Culture, and the Political Imagination
  • Languages 
    • Senior-level seminar (if topic is appropriate*)
Note: Students can petition the director of the program to count a seminar-style 200- or 300-level course toward the seminar requirement. In such cases, students also will be expected to enroll in International Studies 491 or 492 (for two credits) to complete an original research paper. Approval of this option is at the discretion of the instructor and the advisory committee. Students may also pursue a four-credit independent research project (International Studies 491 or 492) to fulfill the senior requirement.

Note: Some courses are listed under two or three categories; with the exception of counting courses toward the concentration or a second major (if students have a relevant double major or minor [see above]), no single course can be used to satisfy more than one requirement. A minor must have four freestanding courses not required for the major. Students may petition to include other courses if the course has a substantial international component and is approved by the director and advisory committee.