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Integrated Studies
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Coordinator, Professor Daniel Cohen

Integrated Studies is a pioneering program in liberal arts education designed to explore an era or topic from the converging perspectives of several disciplines. The integrated studies semester brings together students with similar interests and provides them an opportunity to learn about a subject in depth and to make broad connections among disciplines that will help reveal the essential unity of human knowledge and experience. The program is supported by grants from the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation of New York.

Clusters of courses from several disciplines are offered primarily for first-year students. Students who elect to take one of the integrated studies clusters will enroll in all the courses listed in that cluster. They will receive credit toward all of the appropriate area requirements. The courses, which have no prerequisites, are described below and are cross-listed in their respective departmental sections of this catalogue. Each course is offered for four credit hours. Enrollment in each first-year cluster is limited to 15 to 20 students.