Health Records

No student will be allowed to register, attend classes, or participate in any campus activities, including COOT (Colby Outdoor Orientation Trips), until health and immunization records have been received and approved by the College’s Health Center. Documentation of a physical examination within the past 12 months is required. For students participating in varsity athletics, the physical examination is required in the past six months. Proof of the following immunizations is also required: tetanus and diphtheria (primary series plus booster within 10 years), polio series plus booster, meningitis vaccine, and two doses of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines given after the first birthday.

Not required but recommended are the hepatitis B immunization series and a chicken pox vaccine if there is no history of this disease. Students are encouraged to discuss these recommended vaccines with their health care provider during the summer. Arrangements can be made through the Health Center to receive these non-required vaccines.

Maine state law requires that immunization records be complete, showing month, day, and year that immunizations were given, and that they include the signature and address of the health care provider; a valid copy of school immunization records or hospital/clinic records also may be acceptable. Details can be found in the Immunization Form mailed to all students or on the Health Center Web page: If proof of vaccinations cannot be obtained, vaccines should be administered again by the student’s health care provider before the student travels to Colby. It is expected that physical exams and immunization forms will be completed by July 15.