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African-American Studies Course Descriptions


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[AA214]    African-American Elites and Middle Classes      Listed as Sociology 214.     Three credit hours.  S, U.  
AA231s    Caribbean Cultures      Listed as Anthropology 231.     Four credit hours.  I.    HOPE
AA236s    Religions of Africa and the African Diaspora      Listed as Anthropology 238.     Four credit hours.  I.    HRISKOS
[AA238]    Burnt Biscuits and Green Onions: From Rhythm and Blues to Soul      Listed as Music 238.     Four credit hours.  A.  
AA239s    Mythologizing African-American Music in Film      Listed as Music 239.     Four credit hours.  U.    MACHLIN
AA247f    African-American History, from Slavery to Freedom      Listed as History 247.     Four credit hours.  H, U.    BATTISTI
AA252f    Race, Ethnicity, and Society      Listed as Sociology 252.     Four credit hours.  U.    GILKES
[AA258]    Anthropology, History, Memory      Listed as Anthropology 258.     Four credit hours.  
AA276s    African-American Culture in the United States      Listed as American Studies 276.     Four credit hours.  S, U.    GILKES
AA341f    Culture, Mobility, Identity: Encounters in the African Diaspora      Listed as Anthropology 341.     Four credit hours.  S, I.    BHIMULL
[AA355]    African-American Women and Social Change      Listed as Sociology 355.     Four credit hours.  U.  
[AA357]    Civil Rights, Black Power, and Social Change      Listed as Sociology 357.     Four credit hours.  
AA358f    The Sociology of W.E.B. Du Bois      Listed as Sociology 358.     Four credit hours.  S, U.    GILKES
[AA359]    Slavery and Slave Communities in the United States      A multidisciplinary exploration of the experience of enslaved African Americans and the impact on culture and social institutions in the United States. Using the insights of sociology and anthropology, attention is paid to slave communities and the strategies developed for physical and psychic survival as well as for resistance. Slavery is examined as a social institution and cultural force and as a site for the construction and reproduction of "race" and durable inequalities in the United States. Attention to the varieties of cultural inheritance generated, especially music, folklore, and religious expression, and their persistent impacts on American popular culture and African-American consciousness. Prerequisite:  American Studies 276 or Anthropology 112 or History 247 or Sociology 131.     Four credit hours.  S, U.  
AA491f, 492s    Independent Study      Individual study of special problems in African-American studies in areas where the student has demonstrated the interest and competence necessary for independent work. Prerequisite:  Permission of the instructor and of the program director.     One to four credit hours.    FACULTY