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Ancient History Course Descriptions


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AN145j    Between Revolution and Tradition: Julius Caesar and Augustus      Listed as Classics 145.     Two credit hours.    J. ROISMAN
AN154s    Roman History      Survey of ancient Roman history and civilization from foundation of Rome to reign of Augustus, its first emperor. Covers major political, social, and cultural trends and events that made ancient Rome one of the most influential civilizations in history. Familiarization with origins and development of the Roman states, social and political institutions, major political and military developments, gender relations, comedy, expansion in the Mediterranean, transition from monarchy to republic to one-man rule, and influence on other civilizations including our own. Students will become familiar with historical and cultural phenomena discussed and will develop analytical and interpretative skills.     Three or four credit hours.  H, I.    J. ROISMAN
AN158f    Greek History      A survey of Greek history from the earliest times to the end of the Classical period. Includes the Heroic age, the evolution of Greek city-states, the intertwined histories of Athens and Sparta, major political and military developments, gender relations, encounters with non-Greek civilizations, Classical drama, comedy and philosophy, practices and attitudes toward injustice and inequality, as well as the impact of Greek culture on other civilizations including our own. Students are expected to develop their analytical and interpretative skills of historical and cultural phenomena both in writing and orally. A second paper is required for the fourth credit.     Three or four credit hours.  H, I.    J. ROISMAN
AN197Jj    Digging for Homer: The Archaeology of the Iliad and Odyssey     Listed as Classics 197J.     Three credit hours.    SWAN
[AN234]    In Search of a Strong Man: Greece in the Fourth Century      Listed as Classics 234.     Three credit hours.  H, I.  
[AN351]    Law, Society, and Politics in Ancient Athens      Examines Athenian law and litigation in their social and political context. Discusses the origins and development of Athenian law, concepts of justice, and how Athenian trials were conducted. Analyzes historical cases of homicide, assault, sexual misconduct, tort and property, and political and communal misconduct. Examines the rhetoric of presenting a case in court. Students will construct mock trails in which they play the roles of prosecutors, defendants, and jurors. Formerly offered as Ancient History 397.     Four credit hours.  H.  
[AN356]    Alexander the Great      Listed as Classics 356.     Four credit hours.  H.  
AN397f    Athenian and American Law and Jurisprudence      Listed as Classics 397.     Four credit hours.  H.    JABAR, ROISMAN
AN398As    After Alexander: The Disintegration of an Empire      Listed as Classics 398A.     Four credit hours.  H.    J. ROISMAN
AN398Bs    Presence of the Past: Studies in Classical Reception      Listed as Classics 398B.     Four credit hours.  L.    BROMBERG