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Latin American Studies Course Descriptions


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LA173f    History of Latin America      To understand the historical roots of Latin America's enduring tensions and conflicts, students discuss and analyze sources (especially primary ones), write several short historical essays, and research and present a historical drama. Themes include the first American civilizations, the construction of colonial hierarchies, frustrated modernizations (religious, socioeconomic, political), liberalism and conservativism, nationalism, neocolonialism, and social revolutions.     Four credit hours.  H, I.    FALLAW
LA174s    Introduction to Latin American Studies      Cross-disciplinary, historically-grounded introduction to modern Latin America, including developing the capability to analyze and articulate the underlying forces behind the region's historical problems and its common geographical and environmental features (i.e. frontiers, regionalism), polities, cultural features, and recurring socioeconomic structures (i.e. plantations, favelas). Historical themes include the Gilded Age of export-oriented liberal modernization, the construction of supposedly timeless national cultures during the "critical decades" of the 1920s and 1930s, urban populism and economic nationalism, the Cuban Revolution, and Cold War dictatorships.     Four credit hours.  H, I.    FALLAW
[LA214]    Economic Policy and Performance in Contemporary Latin America      Listed as Economics 214.     Four credit hours.  I.  
[LA235]    Ethnographies of Latin America: Violence and Democracy in the Andes     Listed as Anthropology 235.     Four credit hours.  
[LA236]    Illegal Drugs, Law, and the State      Listed as Anthropology 236.     Four credit hours.  
[LA242]    Anthropology of Latin America: City Life      Listed as Anthropology 242.     Four credit hours.  
[LA268]    Latino/a Cultural Expressions in Literature and Film      Listed as Spanish 268.     Four credit hours.  L, U.  
[LA272]    History of Law, Society, and Rebellion in Mexico      Listed as History 272.     Four credit hours.  H, I.  
[LA274]    Race, Religion, and Frontiers in Iberian-American Colonization      Listed as History 274.     Four credit hours.  H, I.  
LA275j    Strongmen and Populism in Modern Spain and Latin America      Listed as History 275.     Three credit hours.  H, I.    FALLAW
LA277s    History of the Maya from 200 B.C.      Listed as History 277.     Four credit hours.  H, I.    FALLAW
LA297Jj    Environmental Issues in Latin America      Listed as Global Studies 297J.     Three credit hours.    BURKE
LA473f    Historical Roots of Violence in Modern Latin America      Listed as History 473.     Four credit hours.  H, I.    FALLAW
LA483f, 484s    Senior Honors Thesis      A year-long research project for senior majors resulting in a written thesis to be publicly presented and defended. Students may register either for two credits in the fall, January, and spring terms or for three credits in the fall and spring terms. Prerequisite:  a 3.3 or higher major average at the end of the junior year and permission of the Latin American studies advisory committee.     One to four credit hours.    FACULTY
LA491f, 492s    Independent Study      An independent study project devoted to a topic chosen by the student with the approval of an advisor. Only independent studies taken with a Colby faculty member and approved by the director of the Latin American Studies Program may count toward fulfilling major requirements.     One to four credit hours.    FACULTY