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Colby Writing Project

Writing is a foundational skill for the study of the liberal arts and has always been part of the Colby curriculum. The Colby Writing Project was launched to improve students’ writing skills across the disciplines. This initiative reflects the commitment of the Colby community to excellence in writing as a lifelong practice. The Colby Writing Project expands the number of writing-intensive courses throughout the curriculum to engage students in repeated opportunities to improve their writing skills across all four years of study. The first phase of the Colby Writing Project involves faculty members from all disciplines who have created introductory writing-intensive experiences; these courses fulfill the W1 requirement for first-year students. The curricular content of each W1 course reflects the discipline in which it is offered but differs from other courses within a department or program in terms of its writing intensity. Subsequent phases will introduce enhancements and additions to upper-level writing-intensive courses and will be administered by the director of the Colby Writing Project.