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Farnham Writers' Center

The Farnham Writers’ Center is a resource for all Colby students, faculty members, staff, and local schools. Trained Colby students operate the center with the philosophy that writing is not a discrete skill but rather an important part of thinking and learning. Writers’ Center staff members work with writers at all levels of development, at any point during their writing processes, from first ideas to final drafts. 

Since writing occurs in courses across the curriculum at Colby, Writers’ Center staff members are prepared to respond to various forms of discipline-specific writing—lab reports, case studies, application essays, and response writing, for example, as well as standard academic essays.

While many elect to use the Writers’ Center from time to time on particular pieces of writing, some may prefer more intensive collaboration and choose to enroll in English 112, a one-credit course that establishes weekly meetings with designated staff members.

Writers’ Center staff members also work with writers across Colby’s diverse extended community: first-year composition students; students with particular writing difficulties, including diagnosed learning differences; senior scholars; students for whom English is not a first language or who do not speak English in their home environments; job and graduate school applicants; candidates for the Watson Fellowship and Fulbright Scholars programs; and all writers interested in developing skills specific to personal, professional, and civic contexts.

The Farnham Writers’ Center, located in Miller Library 9C, is open weekdays and Sunday through Thursday evenings. Appointments may be made online at Students with questions may call extension 5290 (207-859-5290).