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Faculty Emeriti 2012-2013

Donald B. Allen, M.A. ’82, Ph.D., 1967-2007
Professor of Geology, Emeritus

Douglas N. Archibald, M.A. ’73, Ph.D., 1973-2004
Roberts Professor of Literature, Emeritus; Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, 1982-1988; Editor of Colby Quarterly, 1986-2004; Curator of the Healy Collection, 1993-1998

Tom C. Austin, B.S., 1986-2005
Adjunct Associate Professor of Physical Education and Athletics, Emeritus

Thomas R. Berger, M.A. ’95, Ph.D., 1995-2006
Carter Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus

Clifford J. Berschneider, M.A. ’78, M.A., 1949-1985
Professor of History, Emeritus

Patrick Brancaccio, M.A. ’79, Ph.D., 1963-2003
Zacamy Professor of English, Emeritus

Murray F. Campbell, M.A. '92, Ph.D., 1980-2011
William A. Rogers Professor of Physics, Emeritus

George L. Coleman II, M.A., 1963-2006
Associate Professor of Geology and Registrar, Emeritus

William R. Cotter, M.A. ’79, LL.D '00, J.D., 1979-2000
Professor of Government, Emeritus; President, Emeritus

Eileen M. Curran, M.A. ’73, Ph.D., 1958-1992
Professor of English, Emerita

Suellen Diaconoff, M.A. ’00, Ph.D., 1986-2006
Professor of French, Emerita

Priscilla Doel, M.A. ’93, M.A., 1965-2010
Professor of Portuguese and Spanish, Emerita

Sidney W. Farr ’55, M.A. ’95, M.B.A., 1960-1995
Professor, Emeritus; Alumni Secretary; Secretary of the Corporation

Charles A. Ferguson, Ph.D., 1967-1995
Associate Professor of French and Italian, Emeritus

Guy T. Filosof, M.A. ’81, Ph.D., 1969-2001
Professor of French, Emeritus

David H. Firmage, M.A. ’88, Ph.D., 1975-2010
Clara C. Piper Professor of Environmental Studies, Emeritus

Bruce E. Fowles, Ph.D., 1967-2003
Associate Professor of Biology, Emeritus

Henry A. Gemery, M.A. ’77, Ph.D., 1961-2002
Pugh Family Professor of Economics, Emeritus

Hugh J. Gourley III, A.B., April 1966-2003
Faculty Member without Rank: Carolyn Muzzy Director of the Museum of Art, Emeritus

Adel Heinrich, A.Mus.D., 1964-1988
Associate Professor of Music, Emerita; Director of Chapel Music, Emerita

Jan S. Hogendorn, M.A. ’76, Ph.D., 1963-2003
Grossman Professor of Economics, Emeritus

Henry Holland, M.A. ’66, Ph.D., 1952-1988
Professor of Modern Languages [Spanish], Emeritus; Resident Director of Colby in Cuernavaca Program, Emeritus

Susan McIlvaine Kenney, M.A. ’86, Ph.D., 1968-2007
Dana Professor of Creative Writing, Emerita

Hubert C. Kueter, Ph.D., 1965-1997
Associate Professor of German, Emeritus

Charles R. Lakin, M.L.S., 1985-2007
Faculty Member without Rank: Reference Librarian, Emeritus

Eva Linfield, Ph.D., 1993-2008
Associate Professor of Music, Emerita

Thomas R.W. Longstaff, M.A. ’84, Ph.D., 1969-2003
Crawford Family Professor of Religious Studies, Emeritus

Paul S. Machlin, M.A. ’87, Ph.D., 1974-2012
Arnold Bernhard Professor of Arts and Humanities, Professor of Music, Emeritus

Colin E. MacKay, M.A. ’73, Ph.D., 1956-1990
Professor of English, Emeritus

Marilyn S. Mavrinac, Ph.D., 1963-1995
Associate Professor of Education and Human Development, Emerita

Robert L. McArthur, M.A. ’83, Ph.D., 1972-2007
Christian A. Johnson Professor of Integrative Liberal Learning, Emeritus; Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, 1982-1985; Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, 1988-1998

Sheila M. McCarthy, Ph.D., 1987-2009
Associate Professor of Russian, Emerita

Richard J. McGee, M.A. ’86, M.S., 1967-1998
Professor of Physical Education, Emeritus; Director of Athletics

James R. McIntyre, Ph.D., 1976-2006
Associate Professor of German, Emeritus, Director of Career Services, 1982-1991

C. Abbott Meader, M.A. ’96, M.F.A., 1983-1998
Professor of Art, Emeritus

James W. Meehan, M.A. ’82, Ph.D., 1973-2012
Herbert E. Wadsworth Professor of Economics, Emeritus

Jane M. Moss, M.A. ’90, Ph.D., 1979-2009
Robert E. Diamond Professor of Women’s Studies, Professor of French, Emerita

Richard J. Moss, M.A. ’90, Ph.D., 1978-2005
John J. and Cornelia V. Gibson Professor of History, Emeritus

Suanne Wilson Muehlner, M.L.S., 1981-2003
Faculty Member without Rank: Director of the Colby Libraries, Emerita

Bradford P. Mundy, M.A. ’92, Ph.D., 1992-2003
Miselis Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus

Elisa M. Narin van Court, Ph.D., 1996-2011
Associate Professor of English, Emerita

Carl E. Nelson, M.Ed., 1967-1993
Adjunct Professor of Physical Education, Emeritus; Director of Health Services

Stanley A. Nicholson, M.A. ’81, Ph.D., 1981-1990
Professor of Economics, Emeritus; Vice President for Administration, Emeritus

Patricia A. Onion, M.A. ’00, Ph.D., 1974-2008
Professor of English, Emerita

Frances M. Parker, M.L.S., 1974-2002
Faculty Member without Rank: Assistant Director for Public Services, Library, Emerita

Harold R. Pestana, M.A. ’85, Ph.D., 1959-1997
Professor of Geology, Emeritus

Peter J. Ré, M.A. ’65, M.A., 1951-1984
Professor of Music, Emeritus

Clifford E. Reid, M.A. ’89, Ph.D., 1987-2009
Charles A. Dana Professor of Economics, Emeritus

Ursula Reidel-Schrewe, Ph.D., 1989-2008
Associate Professor of German, Emerita

Dorothy Swan Reuman, M.A., 1966-1992
Associate Professor of Music, Emerita

Nicholas L. Rohrman, M.A. ’77, Ph.D., 1977-2005
Professor of Psychology, Emeritus

Yvonne R. Rowe ’55, M.A. ’79, M.B.A., 1958-1994
Professor of Administrative Science, Emerita

Jean Donovan Sanborn, M.A. ’97, Ph.D., 1984-2005
Professor of English, Emerita

Richard C. Sewell, M.A., 1974-2003, 2004-2005
Adjunct Associate Professor of Theater and Dance, Emeritus; Director of Powder and Wig, Emeritus;

Sonia Chalif Simon, Ph.D., 1982-1996
Associate Professor of Art, Emerita

Earl H. Smith, M.A. ’95, B.A., 1962-2002
Professor; Dean of the College, Emeritus; College Historian

Wayne L. Smith, M.A. ’83, Ph.D., 1967-2001
Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus

John R. Sweney, M.A. ’82, Ph.D., 1967-2004
NEH/Class of 1940 Distinguished Teaching Professor of Humanities, English, Emeritus

Linda Tatelbaum, M.A. ’04, Ph.D., 1982-2007
Professor of English, Emerita

Thomas H. Tietenberg, M.A. ’84, Ph.D., 1977-2008
Mitchell Family Professor of Economics, Emeritus

Dace Weiss, M.A., 1981-2001
Assistant Professor of French, Emerita

Jonathan M. Weiss, M.A. ’86, Ph.D., 1972-2008
NEH/Class of 1940 Distinguished Professor of Humanities, French, Emeritus

Christine M. Wentzel, M.A. '94, M.A., 1973-2011
Adjunct Professor of Theater and Dance, Emerita

James B. Wescott, M.A. ’01, M.S., 1978-2003
Adjunct Professor of Physical Education and Athletics, Emeritus

Joylynn W.D. Wing, M.A. ’04, Ph.D., 1988-2008
Professor of Theater and Dance, Emerita

Diane S. Winn, M.A. ’89, Ph.D., 1974-2007
Professor of Psychology, Emerita

G. Dorin Zohner, Ph.D., 1963-1966; 1969-1996
Associate Professor of Psychology, Emeritus