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Sabbaticals and Leaves 2012-2013

Sabbatical Leaves

Semester I
Tracey Cote, Athletics
Margaret Ericson, Colby Libraries
Phyllis Mannocchi, English

Semester II
Cedric Bryant, English
Tarja Raag, Psychology
Dasan Thamattoor, Chemistry

Full Year
S. Tariq Ahmad, Biology
Todd Coulter, Theater and Dance
Michael Donihue, Economics
Ben Fallaw, Latin American Studies
Patrice Franko, Economics
Robert Gastaldo, Geology
Samara Gunter, Economics
Jonathan Hallstrom, Music
Walter Hatch, Government
Adam Howard, Education
Sandy Maisel, Government
Jonathan McCoy, Physics and Astronomy
Mouhamedoul Niang, French and Italian
Maple Razsa, Global Studies
Leonard Reich, Administrative Science and STS
Ira Sadoff, English
Elizabeth Sagaser, English
Laura Saltz, American Studies
Christopher Soto, Psychology
Debra Spark, English
Scott Taylor, Mathematics and Statistics
George Welch, Mathematics and Statistics

Other Scheduled Leaves

Semester I
James Webb, History

Full Year
Catherine Besteman, Anthropology
Elizabeth LaCouture, History
Winifred Tate, Anthropology