Comedy in the News
Below are links to stories about comedy in the news compiled by Christina Garbarino, member of our Humanities Division Student Advisory Board and Assistant to the library's Special Collections. If you have a story you'd like to contribute, please forward it to

How do The Onion writers choose their headlines? A This American Life podcast detailing the harsh editorial process: 

Former SNL star Senator Al Franken's balancing act - using humor in the political world:

The challenges political writers face in satirizing Mitt Romney:

Ted is the only Comedy film in the past couple years that has been truly funny.  Why is there a lack in humor in American films?:

Why are openly gay males underrepresented in stand-up comedy?:

Comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele discuss finding humor in race.  A Talk of the Nation podcast:
Popular female characters in comedy, such as in Bridesmaids and 30 Rock, tend to be flawed.  Feminists are complaining. Why flaws are good comic material:

Emmy nominations show us that it was a good year for women in comedy. How women on TV have found more ways to be funny:

Stand-up comic Maria Bamford suffered a nervous breakdown onstage in 2006.  Recently, she participated in Arts in Mind, a series of conversations about the arts and mental health.  An interview with Maria about comedy and mental illness: 

North Carolinians are well established in today's comedy.  Why they offer a unique perspective:

Stand-up comedian Mitch Hedberg died in 2005.  He left behind 30 notebooks that he had used to record his thoughts.  A video on his writing process:

Robert Lynch is a PhD student in anthropology at Rutgers University and an aspiring stand-up comedian.  He's trying to figure out what we laugh at and why:
WGN Radio

What do Louis C.K.'s stand-up comedy and jazz improvisation have in common? A music lover wants to know:
The New Yorker

Rob Delaney, stand-up comedian and "twitter comedy star," on comedy, twitter, and the presidential race:

What is it like to try to write jokes for a comedian?  Dick Cavett considers:

Is it appropriate to laugh at horrific events?  If so, when?  Two comedians came under fire for joking about the mass shooting in Colorado:

How have Jewish comedians changed the face of humor?  What characterizes a "Jewish joke"?

Can humor translate between cultures?  South African comedian Trevor Noah on making South African jokes funny for American audiences:

Baratunde Thurston on how comedy is a great way to mess with people's heads: