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danLargeDan Covert '13

My name is Dan Covert and I'm a senior Math and Physics double major and hail from the bustling metropolis of Dover New Hampshire. At Colby I keep myself busy with the Colby Volunteer Center where I'm the associate director, Colby freestyle ski team where I am the president, whatever that means, and the radio WMHB where my friend Luke and I do a weekly show called jussacoupleaknuckleheads. I also find time to be ridiculous with Colby Improv. In my free time I like to bag peaks of varying levels of gnar as well as slide down snow covered mountains on my skis. I also enjoy free associating on words and playing shoe golf around the Colby campus.

When it comes to comedy I would have to say that my biggest influences are my friends. I've never watched a lot of stand up comedy or anything like that. Just being around funny people and hearing them say funny things influences me more than anything. There's nothing more enjoyable than throwing on a Dr. Dre beat on a long road trip and just trying to create the most absurd freestyles possible. My friends and I are always discussing things like what the most ridiculous type of pants are. The answer to that question is obvious: cargo jeans that zip off into shorts.

I'm not sure if I'll continue doing improv after Colby, but I certainly will always enjoy making jokes and being funny with my friends. With the just and fair load of classes at Colby, doing improv has given me a release from all the stresses of school. There's nothing better than doing a Stephen Hawking impression after a long physics exam. So even if I'm not doing improv after Colby, I'll try to surround myself with people that like to have fun like I do.

I think that the message that comedy needs is to not take itself so seriously. It's hilarious watching people try out for improv and they're thinking so hard about every joke that they're going to make instead of just relaxing and letting it flow. To me that it what comedy is all about, just being yourself and feeding off the energy of other people.

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