What is GIS?

GIS is a multi-component system used to create, manage, analyze and dissiminate data or information having a spatial component.

Who do I contact regarding GIS needs?

All GIS requests should be submitted to Manny Gimond (, phone: ext. 4203)

What are the software/hardware requirements for a GIS?
Many GIS operations require large amounts of memory (both RAM and storage) and decent CPU performance. For basic map making, a PC running XP with 1.5 GB or RAM may be adequate.
Currently, Colby uses ArcGIS as the default GIS software. The desktop application will only run on a Windows based operating system. Other popular GIS applications not supported by Colby ITS staff are GRASS (freeware), QGIS (freeware) and MapInfo (commercial).
Where can I find additional ArcGIS resources at Colby?

Check out Colby's ArcGIS Wiki (requires Colby account login).