Oak Foundation GIS Laboratory

Colby GIS lab
Oak Foundation GIS laboratory


             Room 222, Diamond building.

  • 16 student workstations, one instructor workstation and one general purpose workstation.  All workstations are 27" iMacs running Windows 7 exclusively .
  • SynchronEyes based interactive instructor workstation.
  • High-resolution projection system with tensioned screen.
  • One Medium (12" x 17" flatbed) and one large format (36" wide sheet fed) scanners.
  • Medium (up to 11" x 17") and large (up to 42" wide) format printers.

         ArcGIS licenses are acquired through the Maine GIS Consortium

  • Data saved on workstations will not be backed up. It is recommended that users save their work on a fileserver or a portable storage device.
  • Food is not permitted.
  • Only closed container beverages are permitted.
  • Avoid touching the computer screens with your fingers and any sharp objects.
  • Printing resources should be used sparingly. Please use duplex mode (2-sided) when possible.
  • Color printer is for GIS use only. Only map products may be printed on this printer.
  • Do not change hardware/software configuration without prior approval!

For all GIS support, contact Manny Gimond at x4203 or mgimond@colby.edu
or for all other technical support, contact ITS helpdesk at x4222 or support@colby.edu

January 3, 2013