Internal Governance

The Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement at Colby College is committed to creating a governance structure that is open and accessible to all faculty and students who are interested in and who participate in Goldfarb Center programs. 

We want to reach out to and seek involvement of as many members of the Colby community as want to be actively involved in the work of the center. Toward that end, we developed a four-facet on-campus governing structure.

Goldfarb Center Committees
The Goldfarb Center Faculty Coordinating Committee is comprised of any faculty member who volunteers for service following an annual call for volunteers. We strive to have faculty from as many different academic disciplines as possible. The role of the Faculty Coordinating Committee is to suggest programs for the center and to be involved in developing, organizing and participating in our conferences, panels, seminars and events.

The Goldfarb Center Faculty Steering Committee is nominated by the members of the Coordinating Committee and appointed by the Center director. The main criteria for selection are expressed interest in the Center's program and a desire to balance the committee among the various constituencies of the Center.

The Goldfarb Center Civic Engagement Committee provides guidance and sets policy for the civic engagement initiative at Colby College. The committee works closely to advise the assistant director for community outreach and programming and supports and encourages faculty in the development of service learning and other courses with significant community based learning components.

The Goldfarb Center Student Fellows Program provides an opportunity for students to serve as ambassadors of the center to the greater Colby community. These students gain real-world experiences by working alongside staff in the development of important, cutting-edge initiatives.Goldfarb student fellowships are volunteer positions and students are selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship, professionalism and desire to create and promote the center's events and programs. The fellows oversee a larger group of students who serve on the Goldfarb Student Associate Committee.