Goldfarb Center Student Fellows Program

IMG_5371The Goldfarb Center Student Fellows Program provides an opportunity for students to serve as ambassadors of the center to the greater Colby community. These students gain real-world experiences by working alongside staff in the development of important, cutting-edge initiatives.Goldfarb student fellowships are volunteer positions and students are selected on the basis of leadership, scholarship, professionalism and desire to create and promote the center's events and programs. The fellows oversee a larger group of students who serve on the Goldfarb Student Associate Committee.

2013-2014 Student Fellows

Maddy Wilson '14

Chris Henderson '14

Chris Shorey '16

Maya Ramakrishnan '16

Tim Dutton '16

Maggie Cohen '16

Jane Wiesenberg '16


Student Associate Committee

Nick Merrill
Matt Cloherty
Jake Bleich
Jacob Kandel
Leah Breen
Noah Kopp
John Bengtson
Carolyn Mitchell
Kyra Webb
Nate Bard
Gray Louis
Julia Cohen
Cara Goldfarb
Jen McGeoch
Sarah Higgins
Farah Alalami
Syd Abrams
Will Kalasky
Susan Fleurant
Bri Guillory
Anognya Parthasarathy
Maddie Neider
Ji Won Song
Greg Morano
Erin Figel
Daniel Nesvet