Internship Opportunities

Latest Internship Opportunity:

Lovejoy Journalism Internship

- Applications are due Friday, Jan. 6, 2012 at 12 p.m. The selection committee meets in January and applicants will be notified shortly after. Download the application guidelines.

If you are a student or perspective student interested in learning more about internships at Colby, please visit the Internship section of Colby's Career Services Web site.

If you are an alum or friend of the College interested in learning more about how you or your organization can make a job or internship available to Colby students, please visit:

One of the primary objectives of the Goldfarb Center is to develop and promote internship and career opportunities for Colby students within the areas of public policy and civic engagement. 

We are able to develop and extend these prospects primarily through our relationships with friends of the center - Colby alums, our four regional liaison boards, our peers from within and beyond academia, and folks who attend our events.

At Colby, many students traditionally do internships during Jan-Plan and during the summer break, while a few students chose to work during the semester. Internships can be paid or unpaid, but the rewards in either case are priceless. Being able to supplement academics with work experience makes Colby students more competitive; internships have become an integral part of gaining solid work experience.

We work in concert with Colby's office of Career Services to make many of our internships available to all Colby students.

Read more about our 2011 Lovejoy Journalism Summer Interns.

Guidelines for Recommendations of Students Applying for Lovejoy Journalism Internships
The selected Elijah Parish Lovejoy Journalism Interns will represent Colby in a very real way. Future journalism internships for other Colby students might well depend on the quality of the performance of the student you are recommending.

Please address each of the following in your letter of recommendation:
- characterize the student's writing ability
- the student's ability to work independently and in a team
- evidence of a sense of responsibility
- the student's professionalism
- ability to follow-up on tasks/assignments