Lovejoy Journalism Intern

Anna Kelemen '10
Internship: 2009 at Cape Cod Times
Anna Kelemen '10 Anna Kelemen is currently a junior at Colby studying English and Psychology. She came to the Hill from Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she attended Greenhills School. Greenhills is a small school that, much like Colby, placed a great deal of emphasis on community.

In addition to working for the Echo, Anna studies violin and plays with the Colby Symphony Orchestra. "Both playing and listening to music have always been important parts of my life.  Literature, in many forms and from many eras, has been an enduring passion, as well." Like many fellow students, she also loves to be outdoors and enjoys running.

Anna writes that one journalist who has inspired her is Anne Hull. "I was able to hear her speak as the 2008 Lovejoy Award Recipient. She talked about her work uncovering the neglect veterans experienced at Walter Reed Hospital on their return from the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was inspired by her commitment to finding and exposing the truth as a necessary prerequisite to change. Although she could not be certain that her article would instigate change, she gave a voice to those veterans and their families who would otherwise have suffered in relative silence and she gave our government and democracy the opportunity to respond to their plight."

Although Anna had no previous internship experience in journalism, she was able to obtain a position with the Cape Cod Times through her Lovejoy Summer Fellowship. She will be working both with the daily newspaper and with their lifestyle magazine and is excited for the opportunity to work within both roles at a small community paper.