Lovejoy Journalism Intern

Ellen London '09
Internship: 2009 at Down East Magazine
Ellen London '09 Ellen first discovered her passion for journalism when she met Harriet at the age of eight—that is, Harriet of Louise Fitzhugh’s childhood classic, Harriet the Spy. Ellen’s exasperated mother took her to the local bookstore to feed her insatiable reading habit, as she had already blown through the books on her summer reading list—and her brother’s—and needed something new to hold her attention. Ellen finished the book in one sitting and then announced that she and her mother would have to go back to the store because she needed a notebook. Ellen purchased one in the marbled black-and-white Harriet style, and has been a practicing journalist every since.

Her experience with journalism includes three years of working for the Colby Echo, first as a News Staff member and then in her current position as the Features Editor. During the summer of 2007, she worked as an editorial assistant and mentor at Teen Voices magazine in Boston. Her experiences gained international perspective when she enrolled in an intensive multimedia course while studying abroad last spring in Copenhagen, Denmark. Looking forward, Ellen will begin her graduate course of study at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism in August 2009.

Outside of school, her hobbies include running marathons, skiing with family, and traveling. A journalist who has inspired Ellen is Ron Suskind, who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in Feature Writing in 1995 for his accounts in The Wall Street Journal of inner-city students in Washington, D.C. striving for higher education. Suskind’s stories bring to light issues of social injustice in our nation’s school systems in a style that is humane and poignant, and one that Ellen hopes to incorporate into her own as she continues her journalism career.