Lovejoy Journalism Intern

Christopher Kasprak '12
Internship: 2012 at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Chris Kasprak, 2012 Lovejoy journalism intern

Chris Kasprak, originally from West Hartford, CT, is a graduating senior majoring in Science, Technology and Society (STS). He is excited to return this summer for a second internship at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, where he will be working in the photo and multimedia departments. He has been the Photo Editor for The Colby Echo since the fall of his sophomore year. His experience with The Echo, as well as his internship last summer, convinced him to try photojournalism as a career.

Chris has been interested in photography for as long as he can remember. He bought his first camera in sixth grade and has never been without one since. His enthusiasm for photography has coincided with a passion for travel, foreign language and culture. He spent his first semester of college as part of a Colby program in Salamanca, Spain and the spring of his junior year in Grenoble, France. His experiences abroad allowed him to further explore his photography.
His internship last summer offered him the chance to appreciate and understand what it means to be a photojournalist. It was a truly rewarding experience to share images and stories of interesting people and places. He looks forward to this summer so that he may, once again, continue to improve and develop his skills.