News Literacy Evaluation Grid

  News Propaganda Advertisement Publicity Entertainment Raw Information
Goal To inform To persuade To sell To enhance an image To divert, arouse, or move emotionally Entertainment, document personal expression, bypass 3rd-party verification
(Who is being served?)
The public Government, political party, or ideology Businesses Celebrities, public officials, companies The public Anyone
Methods Verification and independence Manipulation of information to deceive Persuasion through images and words Positive information and "spin" Drama and humor, drive emotions through creativity Direct, unfiltered information with no value added
Practitioners Journalists Governments, political movements Advertising agencies, copy writers, ad directors Public relations agencies Singers, actors, directors, comedians, etc. Anyone
Outcome Reliable, actionable information; an informed society Political support and action Products purchased Greater public approval Provide an alternative reality, higher ratings, $, personal, gratification Adds a multiplicity of voices to the information environment