Maine Concussion Management Initiative

MCMI is accepting School Applications for the school year 2012-2013

We have received a generous grant from Bill and Joan Alfond for new enrolling schools.



"The management of sports concussions has changed significantly over the years, driven largely by the sports medicine community. It is essential that...(we) are aware of these developments so that our patients may benefit."
 - Editorial, Journal of Clinical Neuroscience Vol. 16, 2009, p 731-732

Ten percent of athletes will experience a concussion annually.  Even the most mild trauma can have lasting affects, especially if it occurs during the formative high school years.  The lack of proper management and diagnosis can lead to serious problems, including depression, more head traumas, and even death.

As a medical community, though, we are even more equipped than ever before to deal with sports-related concussions. Computerized neurocognitive testing is a great tool for managing the physical and cognitive healing process. 

We think that it's important that young athletes in Maine are getting the care that they deserve.  So, please feel free to browse our site for information and contact us with any questions.