Apply for School Funding


MCMI is now accepting School Applications for the 2013-2014 school year.

The cost to schools for access to ImPACT testing for one academic year are as follows:

Small Schools- $350/year: includes 75 baseline tests and 25 post concussion tests
Medium Schools- $500/year: includes 300 baseline tests and 90 post concussion tests
Large Schools- $750/year: includes 500 baseline tests and 150 post concussion tests

This cost also includes membership in MCMI, which offers schools on-site training and education for coaches, athletes and school administrators as needed, support from the network of credentialed MCMI providers and concussion experts, and a yearly data summary.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about which package your school should enroll in.
How to apply for School Funding

If you are a new member school, please email Jan Salis at Funding is currently only available to new member schools for one academic year. Once you complete this form, you will be contacted by MCMI to set-up a training on how to use ImPACT testing. 

Current MCMI member schools, please email Jan to update your contract.

Disclaimer: The Maine Concussion Management Initiative (MCMI) supports the use of cognitive testing (also known as neuropsychological testing or NP testing) and seeks to promote a shared commitment to best practices regarding concussion treatment and return to play (RTP) guidelines. MCMI information, testing, and guidelines are not intended as a standard of care and should not be interpreted as such. Information from MCMI is only a guide and is of a general nature consistent with the reasonable practice of a healthcare professional. Individual treatment will depend on the facts and circumstances specific to each individual case and remain the sole responsibility of the health care provider(s). 

MCMI supports the perspective on RTP decisions and patient care responsibility set forth in what is commonly referred to as the Zurich Report, November 2012, which is available in its entirety on our website.