Visiting Fellows Program

This exciting program provides Colby faculty members the possibility to invite a scholar, politician, activist, or social entrepreneur to spend a week at Colby. The program has three main objectives:
        1. For the faculty member: a possibility to start or complete a project (e.g., a professional paper or research proposal) with a colleague from another state/country;
        2. For our students: an opportunity to meet and interact with experts and learn from their work and experience; and
        3. For the fellow: a chance to work with a colleague, access Colby’s library resources, and experience life in a small liberal arts campus.

Information on nominating a visiting fellow

2007 Goldfarb Center Visiting Fellows


Several Visiting Fellows came to Colby again this year to spend time collaborating with faculty and meeting with students.


    Professor Walter J. Stone, of the Department of Political Science, University of California, Davis, as the guest of Center Director Sandy Maisel in February 2007. Stone and Maisel continued their collaboration with Professor Cherie Maestas at Florida State University on the Candidate Emergence Study. As part of his Fellowship, Stone delivered a public lecture titled: Taking The Plunge: The Decision To Run For Office.
  • Zhuqing Wang, of Beijing University’s Women’s Legal Aid Center as the guest of Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies Hong Zhang  in March 2007.  Wang and Zhang worked on two projects: “The Role of NGOs in the Civil Society Development and Democratization in China" and “Corporate Social Responsibility, Women’s Rights, and Sexual Harassments in the Workplace.” In addition to many meetings with other Colby faculty and students, Wang gave a public lecture: "Through the Lens of Women's NGOs:  New Challenges Facing Chinese Women and the Difficulties of Protecting Their Rights in China's Market Economy."  Wang's visit also resulted in a summer internship for Colby student T Ling U '08 who received a Goldfarb Center Student Research grant to help make the internship possible.

  • Nicole Stephens, guest of Assistant Professor of Psychology Yulia Chentsova-Dutton in late April 2007. While here, the two colleagues collaborated on a project involving the influence of culture and socio-economic status on individuals’ psychological tendencies, using the Waterville community for their research. Stephens also gave a public address based on her recent research regarding "Hurricane Katrina: (Mis)understanding Behavior", which examined different factors and implications as to why people either stayed or left in the midst of the Katrina disaster.

Each of these guests were named as Goldfarb Center Faculty Research Fellows and the collaborative research and writing which results will be included and disseminated as part of the Goldfarb Center Occasional Paper Series.

If you are a Colby faculty member who would like to learn more about how to nominate a visiting fellow to come to Colby to work with you, please click here